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Thursday, 21 January 2021





Since immemorial eras, Mankind has been surviving the hard way, always under a heavy cognitive veil, which one doesn't allow anyone to glimpse or even suspect, whatsoever is going to happen next minute, due these path quests are always emotionally body driven.

In those primeval pre-Neolithic times, both children genders, Sons and Daughters, were always under Maternal domain, because MOTHER, who 'granted' them LIFE, holds and protects all those who survived, and all children did obey SHE without hesitations as numerous dangers posed by visible predators (beasts) and invisible (bacteria, microbes, viruses, etc.) ones, plus surprising and merciless weather, route accidents, ignorance, etc., yet not mentioning other TRIBE's (family governed by other MOTHER's) attacks to steal their food, belongs and shelters, were just awaiting an opportunity to attack.

Obviously Men, though much more stronger, free and hunters by function, did obey matriarchy, as a natural and innate submission to MOTHER, which only began to be fractured, with repeated male entering reproductive age, looking for docile yet gorgeous fertile women, besides the natural and inexorable survival attempts, mostly determined by MOTHER's death.

While at a primordial glimpse, a Mature Men, previously a hunter/collector, evolved to be an keen agriculturer observer, He noted that without a 'intercourse', exactly as animals mate, and seed sowing, always occurring months before, there were no born sons, daughters or harvest, and therefore Men were REAL LIFE 'sowers', being all MOTHERS, merely a pregnant, feeder, protective, supportive and also paradoxically, an exterminating being.

And being 'death', an inescapable 'birth' sequence, given their meager knowledge, primitive weapons and fragile shields, it started the breath-taking foresight of "dead's-world", whereas some tribe members, mostly Women, do 'heard' voices, or 'envisioned' 'dead' relatives, or even incorporated 'entities' who claimed to have been such 'guy' or 'women', thus animism started to be a persistent presence, offering consolations aside few positive results, and it turned-out to be a FIRST RELIGION OPTION.

But there were also numerous negative results, apart from good intentions 'kicks' provided by 'dead' family ones, animism also brought instructions from 'dead' Tribes enemies, a 'revenge', by those persecuted or killed by them!

Then an inescapable deception began, how assure that a ‘dead’ soul informant belonged to his TRIBE and more, was it reliable, knowledgeble, etc., and did the ‘dead’ one masters what he was going to disclose, even if there were a trusted 'seer', watching all 'communication'?

And what about if 'entities' harassment were constant yet malicious, and barely discernible as evil one’s attacking all TRIBE members?

Then arouses, the first primeval men recognized as 'awaken', not 'seer', neither 'voices-listener' or embodied by any 'dead-entity', behold, thou He had 'access' to an Unbelievable yet Fantastic Upper Consciousness, the Eastern AKASHA, fully structured as a perennial Library, static, full of Books waiting to be accessed, containing all Mankind Wisdoms and Experiences already acquired and stored, arranged in numerous 'shelves', integrally formed by Hands-On practices, behold, hard-earned lived by all human beings Real Life experiences, be them relatives, friends, enemies, or even unknown ones.

Then begins a long 'research' and 'discoveries' sequence, and among them, a very important one, Men who holds this innate characteristic, noted that fertile women, do not have it and so, every turn in need to achieve an “AUTHORITATIVE DECISION”, they flee to deep Forest, or to a Cave, where they spend their primeval hold meetings, always keeping far away MOTHER and WOMEN!



More surprises: when inner-mind consulting UPPER CONSCIOUSNESS LIBRARY, someone’s "ENQUIRING" about a theme in a 'round-table', He might face with "HEADS", while those sitting directly in opposition at the "WHEEL" faces "TAILS", as if each one were 'describing' both sides of an invisible "COIN"!

Also given those sitting in a CIRCLE, copying MOON and SUN shapes, each one do observes a different "COIN", being half of them, always identifying "HEADS", and their opposites half, "TAILS".

Thus, if by chance you are in a meeting, whereas even a partial unanimity is reached, THEN, BE SURE YOU ARE ATTENDING A COGNITIVE DARKNESS MINDS ONE, a 'SUCKERS' believers meeting, a "PLATO'S CAVE" DWELLERS!

Primeval Men also checked that if an 'awaken' one, do also position himself sitting outside the "WHEEL", always in the SUN rising direction, He can 'SYNTHESIZE" IN HIS OWN CONSCIENCE, THE ESSENCE OF ALL INDIVIDUAL INTERPRETATIVE ACCOUNTS SPOKEN INSIDE THE CIRCLE, THUS COMPOSING FULL REALITY!

But after endless Inquiries and its numerous 'synthesized' results, all groups that performed their experiments and researchs in a protected Forest 'Gap', 'Cave', 'Limpets', etc., soon were surprised by some enclosed space where sound 'reverberations' occurred, and provided that some resonant collective pronouncement were made during those 'meetings', they also found that if it is voiced in "UNISON", ALL TRIBE MEMBERS ASSUMED IT AS BEING THEIR OWN WILL, WITH NO FURTHER NEED TO DISCLOSE IT, OR EVEN, FORCIBLY IMPOSING IT!

So, this is a clear description of: "AT THE BEGINNING THERE WAS THE WORD"!

It was no longer necessary to 'sacrifice' Virgins in order to placate 'gods-wrath', neither to 'boot' hearts, seeking to subjugate and calm a tribe rebellion.

By exclusion, it was therefore well characterized a correct ancestral definition of ‘BARBARIAN HORDS': ALL PEOPLE WHO IGNORES A BODY REVERB ENERGY, BY NOT IDENTIFYING IT WITH AN ENERGY VERBALIZATION FREQUENCY [EGREGORE] PRODUCED IN A RESONANT ENCLOSURE [Cave, Cavern, Golden Means Temple, etc.]!

But these primeval humans, after a long time lapse, a must need to live far more than 30 Years, did also discovers, as a result of their incessant research and attentive observations, an indispensable attitude for those who do not want to be 'devoured', 'subjugated' or to have his FAMILY 'shattered', always performing their field research and invaluable secret activities, that EVERYTHING THAT WAS DECIDED BY MEN IN THEIR SECRET MEETINGS, do also produced an opposite effect, some time ahead!

Then comes the Eastern YIN/YANG, where a circle depicts two opposite colours, White and Black, where each colour highlights the 'embryo' of the opposite Colour (Action) affixed inside of the other colour (Re-action) and vice versa.



     Right now, it is revealed that when a Sublime Decision, read: ACTION, succumbs to give way to His Exact Opposed Energy Power, read: RE-ACTION, then time URGES to INNOVATE and AMEND ALL ROUTE AND DIRECTIONS, TAKING INTO ACCOUNT ALL THRUSTFUL PARAMETERS COLLECTED TO DATE (New and Old)! 

     The religious myth that governs it, is: "God writes righteously even with crooked lines!" e.g., it is primarily to happen one way, then in another way, in most cases, this NEW ACTION, is completely different!

Another 'painful' surprise, primeval ‘awaken’ MEN realized that it was not enough to be MEN IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE INTO THEIR SECRET MEETINGS since they probed that MEN majority, behaved cognitively exactly as WOMEN, REPEATING OLD SOLUTIONS, OUTDATED RECIPES AND BACKFIRED ONES, and soon started researching, observing and refining, which MEN COULD BE ACCEPTED IN THEIR SECRET MEETINGS, AS WELL, BY ASSESSING WHAT WAS THEIR BEHAVIORAL!

Tell me who your friends are, and I tell thee who thou are! After all, someone who holds a mental 'lame' company, becomes 'lame' and 'blind'!

All this learning was due to persistent and attentive research, observations and evidences, as they found that mankind majority only react to telluric energies (below Body 'Waist': Stadiums, Arenas, Cheerings, Conflicts, Genitalia, etc.), another big segment reacted interested only in their own welfare (Religious Maternal Temples: custodian of needs, desires and individual wills), an even smaller group remain concerned about all them (Religious Virginal Temples: Pregnant of all 'good-intentions'), unable to fathom or predict possible aside consequences, and finally, a select but restrict MEN group, oversees all and everything, the legendary "MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE", "THE ASURAS", "THE EARTH WALKING G'DS"!

Naturally, many questions arouses: "Why only MEN, while WOMEN, that guarantees LIFE continuity cannot? "Why only they and I don't, if am I also MAN?" "Who do they are to believe themselves to be the only ones able to 'talk' with our 'Gods'?

And so, profiled an endless list of questions, energy decoded millennia later, as 'ALCHEMY', a surprising INNATE ‘manger’ feature, a true "Course-Accident", pertaining to rare Humans! Until recently, when practiced 'Caesarean', a surgical formula for painless baby delivery, wordly stolen from an 'ABOVE-NATURE-WAIST-CESAR'S-PATRIARCHAL-INITIATION', mostly done at dawn morning hours, then it becomes impractical to be 'awaken', only HERDS!

Then they created several strategies, almost 'perfect' formulas to 'explain' the unexplainable to suffered, illiterate, ignorant plebeians and therefore fearful believers: allegories, parables, sins and punishments, 'Heroes' and 'Saints' sagas, etc., always in accordance with the habits, climate, uses and history of each people, and thus, primeval Religious Traditions Sagas did hatch around all Earth, due UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS HAS NO OWNER, IT IS SHARED INDISTINCTLY BY ALL 'AWAKEN' MEN THAT HAS ACCESS TO IT, BE THEN FRIENDS OR FOES, LOCALLY OR AROUND FULL GLOBE!

So, the first consequence of this evolutionary research on WHO LEADS US, was the banishment of all forms of 'animism', behold, at least, it reflects, only 'good-intentions', while most of them, coming 'lame' from dead 'friends', apart from constant presence of dangerous 'dead' rivals and enemies, thirsting for revenge tricks, and also the inescapable dependence of EMOTIONAL BODY ENERGY, LOVE OR ANGER, RESONANT WITH THOSE PRODUCED IN REVERBERANT TEMPLES (Stadiums, Arenas, Golden Means Temples, Brothels, etc.) from other TRIBES.

So it is clearly defined now ORDO AB ​​CHAOS fulcrum: "First mine, then theirs and finally the Philistines!"

At those primeval eras, when everything had yet to be unveiled, the main quest was to decipher how Scientific Wisdom do explain and structure it, aside from where Hot Emotions emerged, some with egocentric background, other within community outreach (Tribe), and lastly, Rational Discernment (Global) to manage all People Fair and Righteously.

So early reports of numerous attempts trying to relate Hot Emotions as Raw Life Matter, the "SOUL", based on Scientific Wisdom first appeared, describing the glittering and painful 'Friction' between Universe Female Energy Two Titanic Polarities, then the "Baby-Sword-Cut–in-Halves by King Solomon Order", then with a "LIGHT" sparkling by a 'short-circuit' of Two Opposite Polarities Wires of same Universe Energy, then with: "Do not allow what your right hand does to also look at what your left hand does", following Sir Isaac Newton's “3rd Experimental Physics Law", the “Action-and-Reaction-Law", and finally, with the judicious manipulation of "CLAY" (Hot Emotions Final Shape by "WORD" and HANDS).


Our already proven Suffered Sparks Origins, behold under Intense and Painful Attrition LUMINOUS ORIGIN, source of each Human being "DIVINE SPARK" Soul motto origin, can now appoint and register the 2nd part, the allegory of Cain (aggressive bastard) and Abel (idiot naive).

Both Cain (Capricornus: "BLACK GOAT"), as Abel (Pisces: "RAW-STONE"), lies energetically below Mankind Body Waist, a mere Western Symbolism, due actually Mankind distribution is Pyramidal, occupying both plus the Unconditional Lover (Aquarius: "Lustful"), 70% of its volume, thus Abel is then 'stolen', 'betrayed', 'enslaved', 'cuckold', 'spoiled', etc., by Cain (rogue, assassin, thief, swindler, scoundrel, etc.), and at his life end, Abel is symbolically 'killed' (read: He doesn't believe in anything neither anyone more, no longer naive and blindly trust other), and everything He painfully seized, is then added to HIS PRIMORDIAL SPARK, to compose HIS DIVINE INDIVIDUAL ALEXANDRIA LIBRARY.

This is the ROYAL ART foundation, the Chess-Game, whereas to win a game, there must be Pawns 'sacrifices', trying to protect Knights, Bishops, Rooks and mainly Queen and King. Thus, 'killing' infidels, making 'Riots', 'wars', etc., is a simile to 'eat' Pawns opponents in a chess-game in order to 'win' the game!

table final

Oh, it is also worthy to abduct (read: convert), all 'gullible' (read: Pawns) of other religions, as to increase their Religion energy in a Global Chessboard! Some coincidences spotted, here, there and abroad???

This is the key to understand all religions encouraging an increase of baby deliveries, some allow even more than a single wife by husband to accelerate births: TO USE ALL UNIVERSE VIRGIN RAW ENERGY, THAT EMERGES FROM IMMENSE SHORT CIRCUITS (RAYS) BETWEEN UNIVERSE TWIN POLARITIES: HEAVEN AND EARTH, AND THUS, TO INCREASE, SHAPING AND GIVING CONSISTENCY, TO AN HUGE FANTASTIC UNIVERSAL UPPER CONSCIOUSNESS!

     Also, being acclaimed as profoundly 'Sinful', to despise THE GOLD POT CONTENT LOCATED AT ALL RAINBOW ENDS, THAT APPEARS AFTER EVERY STORM, by becoming an homosexual, because it’s an abnormal behavior, THAT DOES NOT GENERATE SONS!

     And this is also a technological side fact in the present State of the Art Software: "All New Anti-Virus, or New Protection developed against 'hackers' invasion, taken as the 'more-perfect' one, soon it will be 'invaded’ and turn ​​obsolete, forcing new developments and constant updates, requiring even an entire operational system re-write or other infected applications re-write, until all of them, do also become overthrowed by new invasions!"

Of course, if the reader did born after ±12 am (Noon: "BLACK GOAT" Life 'killing' period) yet before ±06:00 am ("RAW-STONE" naivety starting period), due it depends on Birth place, date and Latitude, aside provided He is over 30 years, and She must already have also 'dried' (both conditions needed to escape from MOON guardianship towards SUN bearing), and assuring that He/She is no longer Mind-Slaves Temples goer (read: Stadiums, Arenas, Churches, Ashrams, Synagogues, Mosques, Bars, Nightlife, brothels, etc.), then your WESTERN KABBALAH STUDIES, OWNS THE UTMOST NEEDED AND ENOUGH CONDITIONS TO SUCCEED IF AND WHEN AFFILIATE IN ORDOTRIMEGISTUS!

Always keep in mind: “When it seems that Mankind doesn’t learns from past errors, that’s because a newer group is presently learning the hard way, blind and deaf!”

Quit immediately, if energetically possible, into being an eternal 'Follower' yet 'Mind-Slave', as it is quite common, due present Rite Corruptions made everywhere by 'temple-merchants', to be a 'pole-chained' to the very same telluric energy you innocently help to produce, thus allowing you to become a future MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!

If interested into being a future ROYAL-ART MASTER, please fully describe your present Philosophical Order experience (Theosophy, Kabbalah, Freemasonry, Rosicrucian, Golden Dawn, Illuminatti, etc.) Rite, Grade, Lodge, City, State, Country, etc., through bellow Contact link!


    OTM – At last, a Fair & Righteous Philosophical Order


Join us if you born after Noon yet before Dawn to access unexpected Sun enlightened landscapes off Plato's Cave at all OTM Pages! How a Frog always living in a swamp could suddenly realise the Ocean vastness?

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