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Corporate Occult Energies

With today’s HR techniques post associated with Marketing, Administration & Control tools, it's a common trend nowadays to expect that MBA’s people and the like, also dwelling as frequent participants at specialisation courses, workshops & success cases discussions could apply all gathered expertise at their own professional activity.

Yet this expertise crossover inserts do not seems to successfully happens everywhere.

Actually, a corporate strategy do not last much more than 6 months nowadays, while overall uncertainties ranks higher in number than scarcely solid facts available to clarify and conduct corporate finance & marketing guidance, and we might seem to be watching for missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Yet several independent studies are arousing here & there trying to uncover why brilliant executives when re-allocated fails to top perform at today’s market battlefield survival.

It's doubtless that a good academic graduation pointed with timely experience & specialisation hints added with needed tools & resources post associated with a deep market trend view and constant product updates when based at his/her deep hunch in performing better than competition are all basic requirements for a good ‘soldier’.

So what else paves the ‘deep hollow’ that separates success cases from failure one’s?

Since early times it's known that ideas discussions in a boardroom meeting, even portraying the most antagonist ones, did lead to solutions ranging from reasonable to optimum, not eventually previous expected ones, but if & when supported by technical and true facts, further balanced by an unbiased conductor.

It's also known that some of past-proposed solutions for a specific theme did fail, while when it was later applied, it reached success & vice-versa.

Today some internationally recognised business magazines (*Business Week is one of them) presented their readers with articles about the ‘hidden’ or ‘invisible’ influences that might conduct a meeting result.

One might deduct that not only individual players, or even their position around the table, could heavily biased the results, but also room geometry & compass orientation could reflect a not so good place for some specific type of decision to be taken there, something like ‘stinky muddy waters’ all around.

In regard of a meeting room participants (executives), which one’s are blindfolded and deaf since their home departure and which one’s aren’t?

Does it seems that we are dealing with some kind of magic or do we strictly follow ibn Al-Haytham thesis, that introduced mankind to early scientific experiments principles in order to ban fake beliefs and faiths as well?

Let’s show a list of basic requirements in order to possibly reach a viable decision in any kind of corporate meeting:

1st - People meeting places does exhibits a huge concentration of energy and it obeys a structure of energy flow that is known millennium plus – Templar Knights use it successfully for a long time till all their members were slaughtered – yet an huge assortment of corporations at USA, Europe and Far East keep using it as well with reliable and proven results;

Board Room High Energy Setup

2nd  - Each executive is an energy caldron that if and when assigned to a correct seat/position, at each specific year time slot, then he could deliver their best inner resources;

3rd  - Each meeting room do own a specific energy matrix that can boost or shadow the final decision that are to be reached, yet an executive working place and/or his/her home might exhibit a boost and/or opposite energy do be further added to it;

4th  - There is only Team. If a Team does not match corporation intelligence, targets and behaviours, even with a higher academic grade and yet experienced and competent President, results may proven well underscored. However, even with a medium grade President but with a highly skilled team working under a correct energy structure them results shall proven to be much better that average;

5th - To know in advance why, how and where is a previous must, due the worse situation is to have the right tools, resources, the correct information, the sensed market, the better team, an aseptic meeting place, yet a wrong intention or a misplaced product.

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