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The structuring of any team, firstly requires it to meets hierarchy principles:

Who will lead it, must possess leadership qualities, be it related to professional knowledge and unequivocal skill and talent required for that position. Those whoever that will belong as a member to it, must meet specific requirements of their professional role on the team and entrust himself that his best contribution to the discussion and solution of any issue, that’s solely to be expected, and never imagined that His/Her contribution be ultimately adopted, but that contribution be accepted as a 'mosaic' puzzle piece assembly in order to enable a team leader, to develop and design a decision, which one does not need to be formally detailed to the team, but to provide good results to their superiors!

Secondly, to select members who are up to the cognitive demands stratum where it will act, e.g.: vendors, do not fit to participate in a marketing team, and these, at the housecleaning staff, etc., and although it seems blindingly obvious, we are not only addressing academic graduation skills, but mainly targeting, creative abilities.

Thus, according to the military stereotype where we all belong to a Corpo [Body]-Ration [Shape] - it is mirrored structured, both above as below – as every cell in a Body, is housed in a specific part of the [ration-shape], all without exception, traverse a gigantic individual curriculum of academic and business 'learning', many literally 'blind' only obeying orders, some exerting simple activities, while others more complex ones, yet composed of few people, does exercises full command.

All levels of a Great Corporation Hierarchy does have specific responsibilities and therefore, to it shall be given at each stratum, 'rewards and punishments', in order to keep ‘ship-head-line’ in due course, either individually or collectively, according to the expected results versus realized ones by the company!

We mention 'rewards and punishments' due they are Human behaviors directly derived, since in the course of a corporate life, there are only consequences, and so, as the productive lifetime of each cell is very narrow (e.g.: one do loose cells of our physical body everyday - skin, hair, nails, saliva, along with solid and liquid dejects, blackheads, pimples, sweat, tooth loss, etc. - it must be also provided by the Great Hierarchy of Corporation, a way to keep the evolutionary course through 'rewards and punishments', with the sole aim in increasing the evolution "efficiency".

There is one more important detail, although this hierarchy, imagery and qualitatively do reflect anthropomorphically a Human Body, when and where focused on energy distribution, it depicts a pyramidal structure.

Then, at the pyramid apex, there is space for but a unique cell energy: the "Horus Eye", or the "See All Eye", the President of the Company. And at its huge base, myriads of cells can be found there, but cannot 'see' anything, because they are flush with the cognitive floor and can only obey commands!

We still have to pursue symbolism, albeit in subtler and more complex versions, it is impossible to verbalize the huge combustion/energetic reactions structures in which we are all involved, without help from a counterparty symbolic, allegorical and metaphorical, although many of them are transmuted in the opposite of the intended symbolism when observed from another energy stratum.

Thus, at a Corpo [Body] – Ration [Shape] first three layers, allegorical and anatomically identified with our feet, ankles, shins and knees one can devised cells [portions of Co. staff], who identifies themselves with follies, these strata, detailed in ascending order: total naivety, exacerbated sexuality and exacerbated aggression, or if we compare it with the military hierarchy, we have the Private, Corporal and Sergeant.

See end of article Table, showing detailed cross comparisons with Mankind Energy Stratum, including politics.

Religious Traditions, do categorize these three strata that structure our essential ability to walk and grow [evolve: profit] - Divine Body - with the energy strata that roam into total cognitive 'darkness', and also to three days in Hells 'filled with good intentions', while chances are if they are 'amputee' by a nature [Market] cataclysm - nothing would deadly affect our Corporation.

But their Evolutionary growth ability, would suffer a 'delay'!

Any additional similarity to a Military Rank now is depicted with  'Chess Game', because it is Royal Art game, that is won with a Army of Pawns 'sacrificed', in a field 'battle', providing King and Queen remains safe!

These three evolving Corporation strata do mime Chess Game 'pawns'!

Another relevant cross comparison is now made with Astrology, forget those horoscopes for fools, due we have in our physical constitution the same universe components - literally we are 'coagulated’ Stars Energies - a scientific fact that reveals a direct identification of these three strata that build locomotion capacity [evolution] of the Divine Body with the birth time of an individual, when it occurs in the time interval between ±06:00 a.m. and ±12:00 a.m., behold, it further divides into three levels: between ±06:00h a.m. and ±08:00h a.m. = [feet, naivety, Private, Pisces Zodiac], between ± 08:00h a.m. and ±10:00h a.m. = [ankles, exaggerated sexuality, Corporal, Aquarius Zodiac] and between ±10:00h a.m. and ±12:00h a.m. = [shins and knees, exacerbated aggressiveness, Sergeant, Capricorn Zodiac].

There are none demerit in being located in these three strata - the danger to avoid, is that these cells cannot try to direct drive a Corporation (also be entrusted as politicians, judges, generals, kings, emperors, presidents, priests, etc.). Hence the deep religious 'conviction' for them to not drive it, with a sole purpose of maintaining a minimum order and civility [Union] among all Corporation cells.

The Corporation three anatomical following layers are: Thighs, Lower Belly [Genitalia/Rectum up straight to the waist] and Belly.

They do identify, in order, with the last stage of the opposites paradox [duality], then they do scape from the Labyrinth [Intestines] with the 'Thread of Ariadne' [Minotaur, Chartres Cathedral] and least, but not last, with the act of Red Sea 'crossing' which one wide opens, thus easing 'escape' off menstrual fluids, behold, he can 'escape' the sexual Egypt bondage, and finally reach Belly, which coincides with the barren and unforgiving desert [Unconscious Destiny Philosophical Initiation without water, with a bright Sunlight that 'overshadows' our vision leaving us not knowing which way to head-up and everything becomes feverishly tried and tested].

Military and Astrologically, they also identify, in sequence, with the Lieutenant grade and the Sagittarius Zodiac [Half Man & Half Horse, do acknowledge and executes His Superior Order’s in the Battle Field] - between ±12:00h a.m. and ±14:00h p.m. - then with the Captain grade and Sign of Scorpio [do not hesitate to 'kill or be killed' in the call of duty] - between ±14:00h p.m. and ±16:00h p.m. - and finally, to the Major grade and Libra Zodiac [ponders and commands both 'Troops': Fight and Quartermaster] - between ±16.00h p.m. and ±18.00h p.m.!

The three anatomical Corporation layers following are: all the vital organs to Life: Pancreas, Duodenum, Liver and Stomach [the four bodies that ensure life], then we have the Heart and the Spine - that is the Sun illuminating the Middle Way [Compassion, Perfection, the Heart becomes lodged between Lungs, Conscious Destination] and Thorax [2 lungs, 2 Arms & 2 Hands] to perform creation with harmony, Beauty and Perfection, a must need to Corporation growth.

Military and Astrologically, they identify, in sequence, with a Colonel grade and Virgo Zodiac [The Sower which distributes 'Missions' (Superior Orders), the 'Valkyries' Battles Conductors] - between ±18:00h p.m. and ±20:00h p.m. - then with the General, Admiral or Brigadier grades, and Leo Zodiac [the Sphinx: Higher Wisdom in command of the most powerful physical body (Army)] - between ±20.00h p.m. and ±22.00h p.m. - and with the Marshal office and Cancer Zodiac [Wisdom gained by multiple (battles) experiences] - between ±22.00h p.m. and ±24.00h p.m.!

The remaining stratum energies deal directly with the not-manifested Hierarchy Energy and are composed of Neck [throat, larynx, esophagus & thymus] and Gemini Zodiac (Two Directions Avenue: air inhaled and exhaled) - between ±24:00h p.m. and ±02:00h a.m. - which one is responsible for transmitting orders to the Supreme Body and acknowledge receipt of His informations to the Head, with its Unique and Solo Intelligence, and his Spectacular Experience with a Superior Vision of the Universe [Two Brain Hemispheres and its Seven holes: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils and 1 mouth - a Collective Consciousness, Humanity, The Market - where Wisdom from the whole of creation is stored as a Global Library of Alexandria, comprising all eras, since "Big Bang" - between ±04:00h a.m. and ±06:00h a.m..

A Corporation Master must know how to 'move' and behave himself, Just and Righteously, among all Corporation Great Hierarchy stratums.


Team-Building Consulting – the ‘occult’ energies.

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