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Fantastic decision, TO BE A CREATOR, with a huge responsibility burden, especially arising from Astrological Energies, depending on date, time and place of birth, apart from Genetic Ethnic root, both usually ignored by a couple at time of this sublime decision, but only if it's the case, it may be an 'accident' with 'condom' bored, or unbridled lust, and then... well... let's take care of the baby with the same affection, but with extra care!

For those who believe that astrology is a radical "fool-bundle”, it routinely is so distorted and manipulated, see 'horoscopes', as most varied religions and sects, serious rare, most of its variants cannot be distinguished from a 'drug-addicts-group', tightly controlled by a powerful and respected 'minds-traffic-dealer', but Astronomically, it derives from gravitational attraction exerted by Solar System components (Sun, Planets and Moon) on our body composition liquid portion (±70%), check the attached animation, courtesy of NOOA/USA, detailing 'Ocean Tides' in Earth's position as a function of its orbit around Sun and Moon position in its orbit around Earth, while the same applies to a lesser extent, with other Solar System Planets on all living beings.


Imagine now, as Moon has enough gravitational mass to tilt Earth Axis ±23º 40', what will not make it in our body fluids moods!

Although Astrological Energies are ignored at Baby conception, which one is sometimes obtained through great difficulties and high costs, the date of the expected birth (±40 weeks of gestation) shall determine, which ones will blur, or eventually facilitate and boost (much rarer), a Baby Future Life.

Aside from other variables arising from a normal Baby delivery (uncontrollable hour, place and date), or due medical reasons and/or couple decision driving towards a 'caesarean' surgery, with date, time and place of Birth previously set.

Let me explain: If by chance the probable birth date contains one or more faster orbits Planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) in Retrograde Motion, they will condition your baby to behave strangely with an uncomfortable attendance, as their Transits forming 'complicated' aspects with their 'couples' at Birth Chart.

Analogous situation shall occur with slower orbits Retrograde Motion Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), if compared to faster orbit ones, but it's not easy to prevent or avoid it, due there are few days on a year with none of them, while it's quite common to spot days with up to 5 simultaneous Retrograde Motion Planets, either fast and slow.

Note: Retrograde Motion Planets do not reverse their motion, but if and when observed from Earth, whose orbital speed around Sun also varies, increasing in certain points of its orbit (after all we live here and not in the Sun), and Retrograde Planets in certain points of their orbits also depict reduced speeds, appearing visually to 'stop' and do a 'rear-gear-engange' (Retrograde Planets are ancestrally regarded as Irate Gods/Demons as they interfere thrice in a Body), thus REAL PROBLEM IS A RETROGRADE PLANET PASS, REPASS AND PASS THRICE AN ANGLE (ASPECT).

There is also a 'tricky' situation of those who come into this world with Moon in the Ascendant either at 1st Zodiac House [Body Mind] or at 12th Zodiac House [Body Feet], not to be confused with Birth Chart Signus, as they are mere symbolism to justify Day division in 24 hours), which weekly, will condition a future baby's behaviour, especially after 'hormones' activation in adolescence.

The Genetic Ethnicity Energy grounds are the ones that will determine some future Baby illnesses, due Tribal roots origins or continuous ethnic confinement in ghettos, which ones conducted numerous consanguineous marriages that crystalized their DNA's, which one's can marshal their evolutionary 'defects' to Baby Future, and some of these defects may break out much earlier, due 'triggered' by some 'complicated' Astrological Transits (Opposition, Conjunction or Squared while in Retrograde Motion).

Now comes the utmost important: being it possible, ONE SHOULD AVOID A BABY TO BE BORN BETWEEN ±06 am and ±NOON, as this is the time interval that someone is 'born-for-a-full-life' inside Plato’s-Cave (Crete's Labyrinth, Spiritualists Darkness, Christians Hells, Muslims Hells, Sphinx Enigma, etc., bearing all these allegories same meaning), without any possibility to escape away because he/she will be "Naive" (ABEL), if born between ±6 am up to ±8 am, a Sex Pervert if born between ±8 am and ±10 am and a "Hang-Man" (CAIN), if born from ±10 am till ±12 am, being ± of hourly intervals, dependent on Latitude, Date and Place of Birth!


And the babies who are born after ±Midday, without Retrograde Planets, will they be a better and happier people?


Be aware that all Men up to 30 years and all Women till 'dry', both lives inside Plato’s-Cave, acquiring hard and suffered occasional evolutionary experiences, only those born after ±Midday if and when eventually perseveres for it, may later reach THEIR UPPER CONSCIOUSNESS!

They may even become better and happier people, depending on who they would walk with, for we are an environmental product we live in, and among those born after ±Midday, I've seen Men with more than 30 years, quiet, true "BEN-HUR's" (Sons of Light), even during 'heavy-storms' (Astrological transits), passing alongside others completely bewildered, but in company of 'brainless' or evil 'cheaters', although browsing through ‘Admirals-Sea'!

Therefore, there is no PERFECT HUMAN BEING indeed we all own deficiencies, some with rare seasonal incidences, related to health issues, alongside many others, some yearly, some monthly, some weekly, if not daily psycho-emotional problems!

Who would expect your children Lifetime to strictly follow, note that complicated issues already listed, do not imply any deficiency or ability to learn, there are many good behaviour and professional people framed in them, but copyists, not innovators:

- Someone easily manipulated by others (Naivety);

- Someone overwhelmed by own hormones (Pervert/PMT);

- Someone seduced by own evil findings (Hang-man).

Or, someone able to BE DEVELOPED, IF MAN AFTER 30 YEARS, AND IF WOMAN AFTER "DRYING", AND SO BECOME THEIR OWN MASTER, provided their Companies and Root Habits, do let it (family, friends, religion, education, culture, habits, Lodge, etc.)!

Always remember, WE ARE ALL EVOLUTIVE CELLS OF OUR UPPER CONSCIOUSNESS, now imagine yourself after 'driving' a 'Ferrari' in a previous Life, you return in another one driving a 'Rotten-Yellow-Cab', half-crippled, how you would 'unconsciously' react?

Actually DAVID OGILVY gives the best definition of what is getting “OUT-OF-PLATO’s-CAVE”, due transliterated to our present days:

Big ideas come from the unconscious.

This is true in art, in science, and in advertising.

But your unconscious has to be well informed, or your idea will be irrelevant.

Stuff your conscious mind with information, and then unhook your rational thought process.

You can help this process by going for a long walk, or taking a hot bath, or drinking half a pint of claret.

Suddenly, if the telephone line from your unconscious is open, a big idea wells up within you!

Note that history has proven that genealogy do not interfere with it, because it's unknown innate 'genius' in same family, whether hold by parents and grandparents, or by children and grandchildren, that can be recognised as GENIUSES, e.g.: ALBERT EINSTEIN and DAVID OGILVY, thus firstborn 'abilities' only exists in decadent Royal families and current business, since they ignore innate energy requirements to predispose up children to achieve brilliance, see Eastern 'Harems'!

ORDOTRIMEGISTUS can prepare three (3) most appropriate Astrological Birth Charts Tips with Date, Place and Time for your future son/daughter if a expected 'Baby' delivery is to be a 'caesarean' one and then to deliver a follow-up for their first 30 years, detailing 4 (Four) first years, with possible barriers, any anomalous behaviour and future possibility of Cognitive Alchemy (if confirmed, it will only depends on son/daughter efforts).

If your son/daughter was already born but not yet hit puberty, we may prepare an Astral Dragon-Dance Map, with forecasts before/after it, for we are all somewhat predictable and repetitive, a bit complicated and an environmental product we live in (good/bad influence, it’s up to family and social network guidance).

If you want to create a better world at least for your Babies, and not the currently one ruled by pseudo-smart and evil dodgers, after all 'naivety' is absolutely lacking today (???), do begin by allowing insertion of Individual Body Energy Conditions, which will enable a son/daughter to be SELF MASTERS, not mere 'Lambs' from a vile 'herd' of rapt 'addicts', commanded by an unscrupulous 'Drug-Dealer', heading to a 'Slaughterhouse' of 'Simple-Minds'!

Man Know Thyself!

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