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Since Astrology become a pseudo-religious and/or a pseudo-spiritualist 'cheating', a lot of nice gibberish explanations, specially suited to those seeking solace, direction, or self-help were published, but ... the real story is quite different and very technical, because there will always be someone in a 'worst' condition alongside one another in a 'good' one.

The first big mistake is to crudely ignore that Astrology is a technology researched and developed, focusing exclusively male gender, so all interpretations based on it, but instead made ​​for a woman, will have to REVERSE ASTRAL ENERGY INFLUENCES, otherwise SHE shall experiences the 'worst' of both situations: the REAL ONE and the IMAGINED by SHE (INDUCED MENTAL CREATION).

How, individually we all are 'Stars Dust' (Consciousness) drops, who decide to 'rode' a 'saddled horse' spotted running aside us to live a LIFE MIRACLE, one always falls into temptation of trusting anything 'occult' foreseeable ahead.

Forget past lives, because there is no 'sin', however there are consequences, and at this very LIFE!

There are dimensional/timely exceptions, all derived from major Energy Ethnic actions consequences aroused from ‘skin’ differences (wars, conflicts, looting, kidnapping, genocide, etc.). These consequences do take some years to debut until they restore full Planetary Energy balance.

But as rule-of-thumb, we usually 'broke-face' (a euphemism for most rudimentary way of learning of the terrifying unknown): practice, usually blindfolded, by extensive trial and error! The Genesis First Chapter, says it!

Let face facts, and they are quite simple:

1 – How to find our 'Animal' counterpart: Check out his/her partner, when deep 'sweaty' at a day end, yet without using a 'perfume' or a 'deodorant', if you feel attracted or repelled. This attraction or repulsion occurs as a function of each person body pheromones.

In Astrology, this topic is evaluated by Elementals amount present in a person Birth-Chart, but if not a distance separation is present (e.g.: web contact), requiring an expert astrologer, do 'smell' and 'scent' your partner, to evaluate 'on the spot'!

Napoleon at each battle-end, always sent a messenger ahead to warn Josephine in Paris to not bathe herself, because within a week he would be back in Paris, Wow! Or the number of  'ballad' couples sweat 'soaked', do decide an outbreak 'adventure'.

Or how to choose a perfume: in a summer and hot end-of-the-day, go to a perfume shop, swipe your armpit and pickup a little sweat, spread it on your arm and place one drop of perfume over it, and do smell the result. You can buy it if it is very attractive, but in most tests (change the location in your arms/hands where you will spread your sweat again and drop another fragrance, to not confuse your smelling sense) you may hold a ‘Goat smelling odor' or an old and sweaty 'Miss Piggy' one!

2 – How to find our Conscious, Spiritual, or 'Soul-Mate' counterpart: his/her partner must have born in the opposite Zodiac Ecliptic Angle = Time of Birth, to the Hour you were actually born (allow ±1 hour drift, e.g.: someone who was born at 09:35h a.m., should look for a pair that was born at ±09:35h p.m.), in case a man is in the search, HE SHOULD HAVE MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS because men change personality [Zodiac Angle] when they complete 30 years!


3 – Select a partner also by His/Her known registers, due friends, companies and habits previously acquired do molds an individual, even those who meets above two requirements, there may still exhibit a tremendous 'indecorum'. Note that there aren’t real behavioural differences between a Great Wholesale Food Supplier in serving its customers, and a Great ‘Drugs’ Trafficker, faithfully serving their 'addicted junkies' clients! Even in aggressive 'marketing' made to increase clients figure, both do proceed in the very same way: ‘Would you like to prove our 'new cookie?”

The technical foundations for this assertion is that each one of us do notes REALITY through Birth Chart Sun House Angle (there are 72 different views), if both observe, e.g.: a 'Coin', one will see 'Head' while the other 'Tail', and vice versa, so in exchanging points of views, both would have a broader idea of what they are watching, but far from TOTAL REALITY!

Do you spot some historical coincidence? Aside women, they only change personality [Zodiac Angle] when they 'dry' (check your Mother behaviour after so many years, surprising your Father)!

4 - A partner must exhibit a plus or minus 6 to 8 years difference in age, due how both genders do carry opposite electro-magnetic polarities (otherwise there would be no Children = Light), when this difference amount in years happens, or multiples of it, the seesaw energy swing will be equal for both and they pass through the same ‘difficulties’ and/or ‘pleasures’ together and not one in a '​​good mood' and the other in a '​​worse' one!

5 - Finally, pheromones of some people do also trigger 'ferocious' aggressiveness reactions in presence of some others, and there is no 'love-thy-neighbour' at these problematic energy conditions that arouses violent repulsion and/or disgusting ones. Therefore, do test and double check reactions of prospective in-laws, work superiors, coworkers, underlings ones, domestic employees, etc.!

There are plenty of more details, but those are the main ones, as both the 'Prince' as the 'Princess', are Fairy Tales characters as well the HULK comic book one, which comes from a hopeful childish imagination, Green, Huge and Punisher! Learn to LIVE!

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