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The Kabbalistic Wisdom is widely acknowledged as an Hebraic Origin Wisdom, however as with every Tradition, the architecture provided by TREE-OF-LIFE as a reliable probe to inspect THE GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE MIND cannot be freely understood as merely belonging to their best carriers and holders till our modern times – the worldwide Diaspora scattered Hebrew Ravvs.

231 [2+(3+1)=2+4=24H] Holy Letters Earth Shaped Globe

Note how all Meridians & Parallels were Anciently Drawn

This fact does not demerit Hebrews, on the contrary do entitles they to hold a noble position as this is the reason of a millennium plus persecution they still suffer as holders of a Wisdom that Ancient Christians [former Higher Priests of Egyptian God Ammun-Ra] didn’t wanted to go public, as Knowledge is Power!

As Orthodox, Protestants and Catholics Christians do have lost absolute empowering nowadays, everybody is set free to study all other traditions – without the fear of being burned into fire as Giordano Bruno once was – due each Tradition reveals facts that others conceals, thus with a deep research with the aid of an activated Temple Rite Energy one could even masters his/her own life quests as a helping hand to UNIVERSE MASTERS.

It is a challenging decision due each kind of Temple –  there are 3 kinds: the Religious Mother Goddess Hathor [Great Mother], the Cathedral Virgin Isis Goddess [Great Virgin] and Osiris Creator [TGAOTU] that provides different levels of Creation Energy and a Man must probe which one of all does fit his body energy level while a Women can only probe the Religious and Cathedral types.


This is caused by the energy kind supplied by each Temple type that can raise either an extreme discomfort or an extreme well being, therefore without probing them, no progress at all can be achieved – a person remains a repetitive parrot not a philosophical mind horizons expander – and as today several places that divulges their own mastering of Kabbalah can be traced worldwide a deep loss of interest on its study is soon to be expected as very few if none of the allegedly possible progress has been achieved by their followers and this is a simple fact.

The same GOD existence loss beliefled prominent XIX & XX Century Jews to create or to participate at recent atheistic philosophies, namely socialism and communism that led to heavy slaughtering, that might again arise, Karl Marx its creator, was Hebrew, they imagined that's a far better way to manage and control all Mankind rather than a single Ethnic Religious Group.

Most USSR’s Nomenklatura members and also Politburo one’s at their earlier years portrayed an Hebrew ancestry.

I explain: We all do come from a single Creation Act as a myriad of worldwide scattered Cells from One Creator Consciousness – recall Egyptian God Osiris slaughtering by His Brother God Seth timely helped by his 72 aides that spread his flesh and bones all around Equator Ecliptic - as each one of us do belong to a group of them that constitutes an organ or a part of HIS ORIGINAL CREATOR LIGHT BODY.

Therefore one can only act and/or move towards Heaven's Paradise as a WELL TRAINED AND TIMELY COORDINATED PERFORMING TEAM

GOD Tree-Of-Life Creation Act

Or as a symbolic 
Body Cell from Eastern Buddhist Tibetan Dragon that walks like a serpent stretching and expanding timely His Full Body in order to ‘move’ around all Ecliptic [actually it embodies all Ecliptic Signus], following its Head Own Mind decisions.

Celestial Dragon embodies all 12 Signs

Another good comparison is a fishing net, we are all fishes (Divine Sparks) each one placed at a net hole, thus one cannot evolve alone towards Heaven, those that are ahead of us must first starting to move, then is our turn to start moving in order to allow those at our rear to follow all, making a complete net hole displacement only when all are already moving together. Yet there are times of evolution complete immobility or even to face a full contraction [stretching].

The amazing fact is that albeit invisible and undetected – as oneself can ‘freely’ move his body and mind in our physical world – spiritually we are all tied and hold energetically together exactly as if OUR ONE CREATOR LIGHT BODY remained non-destroyed and intact as compared to their split flesh [bread multiplication] counterparts.

So, Western Tradition [Kabbalah] study is not for all, just for those that are a little bit ahead of all others and must learn how to correctly perform Holy Works – a task preferably handled after 30 [or better experienced after 42] years of age – and by doing so in a High Energy Temple Holy Works all those left behind and out of the Temple are sucked by a whirlwind provided by each individual cult participant move.

This is the Real Exodus: a formidable ‘escape’ of a full and yet complete ethnic group — a single body organ — from a specific Body & Mind flesh slavery. Like Moses and all Hebrews that crossed Red Sea together that instead of reaching Earthy Yerushaleym all they did meet at the Heavenly One.

This is the Saccro Offizio [Holy Works] or Sacrifice that every Responsible Individual must face and perform after acquiring Wisdom on Ancestral Teachings and Practices.

Each individual considered as a body organ or part of it, are thereafter allocated in a single Ecliptic degree as they are grouped in 72 slots of 5 degrees each with a grand total of 360 degrees – remember Seti 72 aide’s, the 72 Kabbalistic Angels & Genius and the 72 Qu'ran Virgins – an energetic position that defines a personal LIFE ROAD-MAP with their own personal challenges and quests as well.

As one might infer, Kabbalah [Tree-Of-Life] is Astrologic Human Body Solar System Energy structured. To study Astrology and ignore Kabbalah is to know recipes components without knowing how to master a King’s Meal! If but a single fast food one would suffice!

Therefore, Western Tradition [Kabbalah] study is only for those that did born after 12:00h a.m. [midday] and before 06:00h p.m. [dawn] – The time interval between Earth Capricorn Signus End & Earth Pisces Signus Start – all others do depend on these Responsible Group endeavour.

A complete mastering course is presently available only in Portuguese — a translation shall be available as soon enough English Language Light Wanderers get interested — it includes the Ark of the Covenant and/or Magic Rug construction details for a personal use, meanwhile check ROYAL-ART PORTOLANS Book to start your Awakening Journey.

Get your personalised PDF copy of the 1st Scroll.

Ot Manu – AASR MM

A Responsible, Fair and Righteous Master Mason

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