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Albeit pompous, philosophic ability or behaviour (to correctly learn how to think, or to reconnect to our own early Ancestral Conciousness Roots, paves all Templar activity foundations regarding Freemason’s, Rosicrucian’s, Templar Knights, Illuminati, Pythagoreans, Martinists, etc., and even some Religious ones.


Here is how Philosophy works: The Universe is conducted by a Cloud Based UPPER CONSCIOUSNESS that is recognized as THE ONE, THE ONLY GODTHE SOLE CREATOR or THE UPPER CONSCIOUSNESSand fragments [Divine Sparks] of THIS DIVINE MIND are weighted under a broad spectrum of different measures further distributed randomly [actually by astrological guidance] through all Mankind thus requiring e.g.: a Priest, a Bishop, a Rabbi, a Sheik, a Swami, a Monk, an Indian Xaman or someone very special that Masters This Sublime Energetic Task in order to conduct Temple service thus allowing best results of all gathered personal intentions emanated from their audience as to be energetically transcended back to them in order to achieve it’s powerful sum or synthesis.


Therefore there are Enlightened Services/Cults and evil one’s as well, as they are mainly dependent on officiant quality in maneuvering audience [individual mind] intentions. One might take the audience to new and better standards heights as to achieve higher levels of Botherly Behaviours results while some other ones, might conduct to conflicts, suffering and even death!


Cogito Ergo Sum”! I Think, So I Exist! - Famous René Descartes phrase.


Corollary: if someone is conscious about the righteousness of his/her work, social enrollment, professional activity, love affair, study endeavor, etc., then there is no aside concerns about how difficult and/or ugly is the environment around as everyday arises a better hope to fix everything that do not yet conform to overall inner expectancies. This is HEROE MYTH, the Selfish One that does not fear or hesitates to face any battle and/or obstacle.


On the contrary, even if the environment around someone portrays everything comfortably and nicely, while at the same time his/her mind do not correctly interact with it, continuously feeling unhappy, miserable, abandoned by all, not-loved, etc., then without a close and strong external energetic stimulus/help (e.g.: from all His/Her Mind companions) no change may occur at all and even all these bad feelings could lead to a psychological somatization into a illness not easily cross referenced.


Resume: someone’s Protected Mind is the more powerful shelter protection against all odds, tempests, uncertainties and even hurts (physical and psychological) that can afflict an individual in Life course, thus specially appointed Temple Work’s does strengthen all Body & Soul conditions in order to  safely accomplish His/Her life journey.


Someone’s life is HIS OWN LIGHT! His/Her personal spark of Divine Consciousness Light blowing into a manifested ANIMAL WILL BODY!


However, as everybody is an individual holding a very specific and different amount of all scattered fragments from DIVINE MIND, one might have severe difficulties in overcome alone His/Her Life challenges due telluric and/or negative energies evidenced at their home and/or work place.


Therefore when someone suffers these bad conditions, and providing they do have an opportunity to enter a DIVINE REACTOR (Temple), aside service it's being conducted by a qualified officiant tuned with His/Her personal needs, then the outcome granted by Temple Geometry resonant Energies and Lights, under officiant guidance and boosted by all audience Hearts and Minds, they do repair our weakness and also strengthen our Body & Soul for a full week length [Moon phase dependent].


Once this Body & Soul strengthening feeling do occur to someone post associated with a warmth officiant and audience appeal as well, then naturally that Faith (Religion), Temple (Church, Synagogue, Mosque, etc.), Officiant (Priest, Rav, Sheik, Monk, etc.) and their congregation is acknowledged as the best one [timely more suitable] for that individual.


Religious Temple Energy Flow

This is the possible good energy outcome description of a Religion Temple service mainly due to a 
GREAT CELESTIAL MOTHER ENERGY that timely provides every need for their Sons & Daughters spotted at HER OWN WOMBS (Temple internally separated double lane seats).

Just for the record: all Temples are sheltered safe places fully protected against telluric and darkened energies, so don’t pray at home unless you do own a fully protected look alike Holy Place and plans to prepare one can be obtained here at OTM.

It should be noted that even atheistic persons do have a way to repair their Body & Soul hurts & weakness as this wisdom was provided by Sigmund Freud that being a very religious orthodox Jew he did correctly transpose Hebraic Creation Myths to Greek Ones thus acquiring a path to enter a person's mind, fears and feelings further scrutinized through successive sessions (mass look alike) that also exhibits Creation Trinity Structure [Holy Family] known as IdEgo & Super-Ego.

In our Philosophical Energy Path upward one can next spot a Freemason’s York Rite and/or a Rosicrucian’s Isis Temple that reassembles Cathedral most sacred portion where only Higher Order PriestsBishopsCardinals and Pope can conduct service, addressing People and all their Churches and lower order Priests as well.

The York Rite/Rosicrucian Temple and Cathedral one do portrays GREAT CELESTIAL VIRGIN ENERGY (illustration bellow) as this is the place where a HIGHER DIVINE INTENTION may acquire HIS way [moulds] towards LIFE!

Isis/Aphrodite Temple Energy Flow: York Rite & Rose-Croix

Obviously there are similar 
Holy Temples working at this Energy level in all other Religious Traditions. Albeit in a much lesser quantity than Religious ones.

Finally we can meet face-to-face the Royal Art Court Masonic and Templar Knight's Temple’s Energy – a kind of a Temple that exhibits THE GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE ENERGY and this fact asks for an immense and surmounting challenge as their Rite Officers must adjust Their Own Inner Energies to match that of TGAOTU in order to fully Enlighten the Ritual and yet to permit “God to Contemplate God”. This is the Real Imitation of Christ! Or an Imitation of SolomonMithra, etc..

AASR Masonic & Templar Knights Patriarchal Energy Flow

It seems to be a very difficult task and it really is, due to gather all personal members astrologic minimum and/or required conditions sometimes they aren’t met. If you add to this the fact that when a new 
WM is installed sometimes the Ariadne’s clue of thread that helped Theseus in getting out of the Labyrinth is lost and no Fair and Righteous Egregore [The Golden Child] can be established, then harsh and tough conditions given by Minotaur arouses.

Regarding a rough cross comparison with a free jump from a skyscraper 40th floor someone might recall the freedom feeling, the weightless sensation, the fresh breeze, a bunch of fast landscapes views, etc., that suddenly ends when crossing 1st floor level.

If by comparison one takes recent positioning of all Brazilian Freemasons Powers by addressing publicly politic affairs instead of acting silently and efficiently – it do really means we are committed to a complete loss of guidance – the train convoy derailed completely.

The Egypt of all Pharaohs, the Greece of all Geometry, Philosophy and Mathematics Masters, the Wisdom of Assyria are all lost due dust covered by time.

One can only addresses scattered technological breakthroughs users, that albeit fantastic none Mind expansion at all can even be traced!

However this is not a complain but a mere facts observations, therefore we all shall consider the possible startup of a New Cycle of Ascend and Glory for us in Brazil and if possible, spreading out it for all Nations of our Planet Earth.

Ot Manu - MM

One of The Righteousness Masters

Just in time: do not accept all evil wording and even worst references regarding all past Great Civilizations made by those ethnics group that succeeded it [and/or escaped from (read: past religious mind) slavery] - some of them were nicknamed after a great prostitute, other as pagans, yet still others as evil ones.

As all our origins did arouse sprouted from a single Astrologic Mythic Energy Source every civilization that succeeded a previous one did appropriate for it all their Gods and renamed mythically them as well after their own ethnic roots, uses, habits and origins.

Obviously it would be a shame to have your tribe or ethnic group worshipping strange Gods, and a tremendous chance for tribe leader to loose power and control of his ethnic group as to have them fully absorbed [mixed by marriage or mind slavered] by the former one.

Naturally, the deeper the path you follow to know and/or study all past and/or ancient civilizations wisdom, the closer to the inner core you get, that can be further spotted as multiple onion rings that covers one by one our startling Secret and yet Holy Origins. This is definitively an individual and solitary quest yet fully supported by all Brethren!

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