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Nothing else were so deeply mystified, camouflaged, concealed and misrepresented as Alchemy true meaning. Firstly, it is claimed that actually it was modern chemistry basis; due 'alchemists' were always portrayed manipulating pipettes, test tubes, and crucibles.

Thereafter, only those who enrolled an Eastern Religion, Yoga, Tantra or Meditation practices could achieve its hermetic meaning. Then these offers/demands were extended to lay all those that enrolled by Initiation a Philosophical Order and ultimately it was completely lost its TRUE meaning.

So, let's try to unravel a bit this Ancestral Mystery and prepare, at least to those who are qualified for it by their birth hour (weird, but it's just that: MANGER BIRTH HOUR). As everything we know today about this research comes from first EASTERN SAGES, the NAGAS (Naga = Naja, a most common Snake in the Orient, due all snakes while 'growing', must change their outer skin that don't follow body development (pure physical symbolism, here understood as spiritual = mind, conscience.).

So, we have several possible interpretations to deal with: hour of birth, behavior, education (intellectual preparation), culture (not a ‘fake’ one), timely experience, but which one, or possibly all, would fit a symbolic change of Nagas skin???

We shall begin with Birth Hour. This Ancestral Wisdom detail, stems from a continuing study and accurate observation, both at Sun daily movement, other ones such as monitoring for several years, the life of many close human beings, whose birth, at least those who were born vaginally, due it happened without any possibility of external interference, the place and hour of its occurrence (there are those who are 'planted' on the rocks and did not bear fruit, there are those who are 'planted' in the 'thorns' and are suffocated by it,...!)

On another view, there were also those who were born through a surgical 'caesarean', a resulting classification of Caesars, Roman Emperors titles (Tsar, Kaiser, etc., in Russia and Germany), which one designated those who had been born 'above-waist' and not between two female 'sewers' (anus and urethra) pipelines (sphincters), and therefore, they were accredited as real "gods"!

It's then depicted that all those born in the morning, could only 'learn', either by watching, studying or else, be it by a harsh life experience (literally 'breaking face'). It was also detected that in this millennia course, those who were born outside this morning period, does exhibit enhanced different cognitive and intuitive characteristics, which enabled them to apply it at several fields with innovative specific labors.

The illustration bellow provides a general idea of the outcome of this ancestry search:

As can be depicted in it, there are 12 equal intervals of 2 hours each, each one corresponding to an specific Zodiac Signus, and here can be firstly revealed ALCHEMY key feature: If a Man is born at 09:00h p.m. at any SIGN OF AQUARIUS day, after completing 30 years (1st Saturn Return to original Astrology Birth Chart angle position), it shall be thereafter solely governed by LION HOUSE, e.g., he's catapulted energetically, hormonally, cognitively, or Alchemically, from AQUARIUS to LION ZODIAC HOUSE!

In case of Women, this energetic event shall only occur when She 'dries', with no more bleeding! This is why many of them to odd their long time male 'companion' at this energetic event, mainly due they change from negative to positive polarity!

But there is another important evidence, albeit quite obvious: at every Ecliptic 5° (5° = sub-decan, a decan = 10º) there's a very narrow-angle (or angel) slot, a locker cognitive hole, and providing a NAGA continuing 'grow' by 'changing skins', he must energetically 'Templar' probe, all other 71 sub-decans, which can only happens to a layman innately qualified, in a Philosophical Patriarchal Order, with absolutely no corrupted rites, where through an E.'.A.'. initiation and 3 [three] successive and subsequent increasing degrees (Temple Energies, that reproduces an Heaven Vault, for we are all, dense or 'coagulated' 'Star Dust'), when and where, it will be required to take a stand/sit in all other ecliptic angles, whose promontory, may give access to LOOK THROUGH AT OTHER AMAZING AND UNEXPECTED REALITY COGNITIVE ANGLES!

Well, so far, one can understand the reasons governing energy demand of Patriarchal Traditions Ancestry to just 'Temple' initiate a Man who is innately "awaken", as all those born between ±06:00h a.m., and ±12:00h a.m. (± reflects 23º 40' Earth axis tilt as a function of Moon Orbit, latitude and date of birth), and also women, which may only participate in lower energy religious services and even at then, some cautions, due Great Celestial Virgin TemplesAMORC and YORK RITE cases, energetic disturbances may trigger metabolic, gastrointestinal and behavioral changes to various opposed inner energy holders participants.

Another relevant evidence, refers to the fact that we are all important, we are not ‘sinners’ neither 'guilty' of bad behaviors acquired in previous lives (but present 'sins' will be charged in this very life), that LIFE IS ETERNAL (Creative Principle), and we are all BROTHERS!

Another important evidence gathered at some Western Patriarchal Philosophical Orders, AASR – Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and German Schroeder Rite both of Freemasonry, it's the fact that Master Masons are energetically equivalent to Catholic Bishops, while Lodge Officers, are energetically equivalent to Catholic Cardinals and Worshipful Master energetically equates to Catholic Pope, which one is the fulcrum for the Vatican to not recognize Freemasonry: competing Powers! Let's not forget Templar Knights annihilation determined by Pope Clement V!

The above illustration is quite revealing, but the next one, displays Astrological foundations of early Christians irritations with 'Temple merchants', which should also be followed by Patriarchal Masonry, namely: "Would you enter a plane conducted by a 'blind’, 'deaf' and mentally tetraplegia pilot?

This is the real symbolism secret meaning also depicted in 'kill all firstborn' allegory, allegedly given by Herod Antipas, to prevent Messiah coming, because it reveals that there was no way to inherit the Throne merely by solely being a firstling descendant of a great King, Messiah, Pharaoh, Emperor, Sultan, etc., as to be appointed an Royal successor, apart from essential DNA attributes, the Birth Chart granted by his birth hour.

This is also contained in the Oriental Harem aphorism, since only a Son, that by a "Lucky Course", would bear Bethlehem [Star] Tower, do have chances to be appointed successor to the Grand Vizier, the Sultan, the Chinese Emperor, etc.!

As you know, a Harem consisted only of Virgins (up to 72, confer Islam), controlled by "eunuchs" (castrated men) to ensure that they would only be able to copulate with the Emperor [Patriarchal DNA], and after choosing his successor, all other children and their mothers were killed to avoid future conflicts. Would be there some identity with Christianity? Even Three Sages did 'came' from East, Persian Sufi Sages!

As one can confer, those who fits this 'hidden' mind condition, accidentally by a mere Life 'Lucky Course', cannot be creative, just a copier of papers, ideas, and if they are invited and initiated into any Philosophical Patriarchal Order, we can be sure that we all shall be literally and figuratively 'robbed' because most of them are all 'dominated' by gullible 'muggles'!

On the other hand, all those born outside morning period yet providing they truly trust theirselves to be a "Fine Celestial Jewelry", literally and figuratively, they shall fall 'donkey ass down' (mostly the accommodated), due we are all body subjected to same powerful telluric energy and astrological influences, that affect intensely and discriminately all us. Confer extensive reports about Priests, Bishops and Cardinals engaged in pedophilia and 'otras cositas' more, not to mention the long list of Criminal Code embezzlement articles, detected at Freemasonry!

Oh, one more reminder: "We are all here acquiring experience, read MIND BRIGHTER LIGHT, all those that imagine anything else, sooner or later, "shall also fall from their saddled horse'!

OT Manu

One of the Masters of the Just and Righteous Actions

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