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Few individuals do realize the very nature of his own body cells, worse yet, World scarcely distributed and quite rare one's, do identify it as darkened or thickened COSMIC ENERGY (Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, etc.), behold this LIFE began as PASTY COMPONENTS, IMMERSED IN LIQUID MEDIUM: the ovum and sperm that fertilized it, but not before a strong pheromones attraction, both emitted by a MALE and FEMALE couple, which one’s, allowed a mutual attraction and subsequent mating between them, and this attraction aroused from a ANIMAL WILL (read: 'below-waist')!

Aside, e.g.: by preparing a cake or pudding recipe’s, before mixing flour, yeast, water, etc., there must be present a INTENTION TO MAKING A CAKE, triggered by an huge 'appetite' (hunger, 'below-waist"), placed in a bake form with or without an 'hole' in the center, a common case for pudding, in order to allow the syrup (Conscience) to flow inside, yet also, do note that there isn’t a tree of ‘cakes’, or puddings ponds production in captivity, as both and yet ALL HUMAN CREATION, derives from CREATIVITY PRINCIPLE, sole ported by RARE INDIVIDUALS.

All other Humans Beings must learn by copying, engraving & writing (copist, scribes), imitating, memorizing, etc., just because they lack 'Divine Spark' (read: immersed syroup, access to Upper Consciousness), and thus THEY CANNOT INNOVATE NOR CREATE WITH BEAUTY AND PERFECTION!

Thus, in Ancient Greece, ALL THAT WAS NOT CREATED BY HUMANS, EVEN THEMSELVES, were philosophically conceptualized AS BEING AN "SPONTANEOUS GENERATION" FRUIT, a concept, brought up to Middle Ages, by some independent thinkers and philosophers! Yet, some were ‘burned’ into fire, by religious prosecutors!

This wise concept flourished at Western World, even bypassing the Nicaea Council 'Elders Sages', back in 314 a.D., whose one’s invented modern 'Creator' and started to deep 'bury' Philosophical Wisdom.

Yet note that there isn’t a better identification between "SPONTANEOUS GENERATION" and DNA TENACIOUS SURVIVAL EFFORT, DEFINITIVELY NONE!

But, Geometry, Numbers, Physics, Electro-Magnetic Resonance, Chemistry, etc., DO NOT GENERATE EMOTIONS, and without EMOTIONS, the 'rabble', could not be energetically 'conducted' in a harmonious and happy way.

Thus, 'White Arian Gods', an early deity Saga, addressed those who ‘descend’ from "Heavens" and took "Earth-Daughters” as wives for their beauty, with this Almighty Scientific Wisdom “cross-dressing” purpose, to allow early'Gods' Sagas acceptable. Aside these primal aliens 'Gods' were also portrayed as fractious and therefore, 'White Arian Gods'', should be obeyed without hesitations.

Then aroused Sumerians 'Gods', who were a lot more liberal, even allowing 'prostitutes' (read: all temples of other religions) to handle an important role in Mankind, check Inkidun Saga.

Alternatively, with Egyptians 'Gods' advent, some good-natured, others cranky and demanding, an opportunity was created for a personal choice between 'good' and 'evil', an option followed also by Hindi Pantheon.

Then, owing a millennium plus experience gained so far, strengthened by Egyptian 'Gods' offering of a Heavenly ‘Reeds-Sea', or Hindi’s 'Nirvana', or Buddhist Tibetan 'Nibana' rewards as well, either by portraying all 'Gods' anthropomorphically shaped, a wise decision which allowed a greater mass of ‘common people’ identification with their 'Gods' and their human condition: they also suffered, and inhumanely.

Then with a close identification of their suffering human condition with the alleged 'suffering' of their own 'Gods', EMOTION arouses! Glad tidings, WE HAVE AVAILABLE EMOTION ENERGY PRODUCTION, CREATIVITY AND WILL!

We can now enter the main theme:EGREGORE and AURA.

Note that there are people who literally 'drag' crowds: people with 'charisma', an energy quality that depicts a ability to grasp into People's Minds, and to spread it to 'manage' their 'devout' followers.

Just for the record, there are albeit rare, some charismatic people, which AURA has a radius greater than a Mile, alongside a immense crowd literally lacking while ignoring it completely! This overwhelming majority, is composed of cognitive 'blind' ones ('cakes or puddings made with no hole in the middle), that couldn’t ever notice this special condition!

E.g., the fact that someone portrays 'charisma', whether personal or granted by his hierarchy position, does not mean automatically, that it will be a good person, reliable, fair and righteous. Especially because this 'simple-minds-controller' condition, eliminates any (nonexistent) doubt among his fanatical followers, but as it also does not reach all non-followers, so there will always be some heavy controversy, as it's hiding PHYSICS 3rd LAW-OF-ACTION-AND-REACTION!

Thus, Vatican’s POPE is considered by some foe religions, as 'Evil' in person, just imagine if He could be accredited by all others, as a true holy partner with 'God'? Wouldn’t their ‘clergy’, be ashamed?

Also, by it’s turn, the Vatican 'demonized' Hebrews (betrayers) and Freemasons as 'Baphomet' worshipers (as to avoid Knights Templar resurrection!), while aside, they are all considered 'infidels' (demonized) by Islam and therefore all their devouts can be 'killed' mercilessly!

What are being clearly described is easily identifiable as EMPOWERING INSTRUMENT’s, a crude fact that resulted in an utmost need and inexorable state and religion separation!

But Catholicism and Brittish’s Anglican Religion, added with annoying leftist ideologies partisans (Oh, I'm just peace and love, I'm a 'good' addict, and I'm 'good and brotherly-lovel'), do succeeded in infiltrate agents at all Philosophical Orders (read: Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Templar’s Knights, etc.), thus forced them to become at one side, completely anodyne, and at the other side, the very Fibonacci’s ‘Evil’, as by totally ignoring what they are there in turn activating, they do create true ‘deleterious-cloud-based-energies', firstly turning them ‘darkness-thought-forms', 'deleterious-shell-covers', 'deleterious-horseback-riders', etc.!

Note that EGREGORE and AURA designations are positively ‘good’, or by taking into account LAW-OF-ACTION-AND-REACTION, the chance if it's 'created and unleashed' after New Moon up to the Crescent Moon, the ACTION (read: Unfathomable God’s Wishes) will be launched firstly, otherwise, REACTION might outbreak in advance.

But..., what does it means?

Let's try to explain: there are three types of energetic temples: Maternal (Motherhood) Religious (churches, mosques, synagogues, ashrams, etc.), whose activated energy affects only their devotees, but 'below-the-waist' (promises, requests, novenas, etc.), e.g.: PERSONAL INTERESTS, INDIVIDUAL NEEDS, DESIRES AND WISHES.

At this type of temple, the Maternal (Motherhood) One, their seats are arranged in two lanes facing Altar in the background, miming Great Mother 'Wombs', whereas Isis 'saga', the Egyptian Goddess, who collect all slaughtered Egyptian God Osiris Body (Holy Spirit), ‘his holy body dismembered parts' scattered throughout all Equator, thus reshaping (re-linking: re-ligion) again his full sparse body parts, (less His 'Phallus', never found) as to later enable a 'mate' with His Corpse and 'Deliver’ a new Mankid (Baby). Here, the Egregore only affects ‘bellow-waist’, as both 'good' and the inexorable 'evil' produced, are strictly individual!

Religious Holy Virgin Temples (Cathedrals) do produce Egregore Energies that affects specifically the 'Crown' (Holy Heart) of their devotees (family, group, lodge, etc.), and their seats are also arranged into two lanes but facing middle temple placed Altar Candles, thus mimicking here Virgin Nature Heart, Fertile, Docile and Enjoyable, Queen of ShabbatVirgin Mary, the THRONE, ready to be fertilized in their PURE AND HOLY GRAIL, by HOLY GHOST (read: EGREGORE AND AURA VERBALIZED BY W.'.M.'.), a ‘God’ RIP 'dead' and 'buried' as 'seed' deep sowed in 'Earth-Core’, the Egyptian God Ammun-Ra, that exhibits a 'Ram-Head', hence Christ be known as 'God's-Lamb'!

At last, we have a Patriarchal Temple, whose energy activation affects ALL MANKIND AROUND EQUATOR!



All Patriarchal Temple seats faces Temple Energy Altar Center, where the HOLY GRAIL can be spotted, CONSECRATED, VIGIN and PURE, which one shall host EGREGORE (read: 'SEED' that will 'sprout' in all 'human-minds' and do produce their fruits) and the Temple is composed of two parts, the first, upward: 'BEFORE-THE-FALL', where is a PATRIARCHAL THRONE, the 'SUN ORIENS', and another, downward: 'AFTER-THE-FALL', the HOLY VIRGIN, where 'happens' DUALITY PARADOX, the 'Black-and-White' mosaic floor tiles where it can be caught the hard, sore and painful struggle between LIGHT-AND-DARKNESS or between an ACTION AND CORRESPONDENT REACTION!

By a way of energy equivalence, it's worth comparing above images, with following illustrations, the Tree-of-Life, the Caduceus and the Oriental Yoga Lotus Position, where one can infer that there is total identity be it at Energy Plans or at Energy Circulation (Circumambulation).

But, as there are plenty 'false-smart' people, while observing 'blinded-herds' immensity, they try further to manipulated apparent illusion, thus creating false realities a lot more attractive in order to extort 'metals' from those greedy for 'salvation', anxious for a 'Eternal-Life-Quest’, or merely believing in being better than others (infidels, 1984), etc.!

Aside a large amount of 'bread-and-circus' profane ‘temples’: stadiums, coliseums, etc., designed to entertain and manipulate all ignorant mobs, which turns-on only when driven by their bottom instincts, which one’s didn't differ from a probed 'Below-Waist' Religious Temple activation energy, as all participants do react to their 'leaders', externally manipulated.

Now, imagine you and your wife hard working outside, and your sons and daughters spending a whole day under unknown teachers guidance, whose intellectual and moral ability, apart from those disclosed by school standards, were not measured and yet probed, whereas your sons are going to be properly 'pasteurized', within their early little minds formation into unknown training behaviors, through a stronger 'brainwashing', and nothing can be done!

One more remind: LIFE IS ETERNAL, providing Mother Nature do insure it!

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