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From immemorial times, Mankind through 'bumps-and-trenches’ always experienced an arduous blind groping, aside suffering a harsh survival evolving new experiences acquisition.

Being we all physiologically ‘biped animals', we always lived in groups (families, tribes), behaving as cohorts subdued under strict yet rigid coexistence rules, either under a Dominant Female command like Elephants, or under a Dominant Male, e.g., Lions.

However, from time to time, some rare ‘biped animals' touched a fantastic yet unknown source of individual conscious inspiration, and thanks to their guidelines successes, soon they became a needed ancillary to their Irascible Alpha-Male Cohort Chief.

Some of historic known names of such inspired ‘biped animals', newer aides of a Family (Tribe) 'Alpha-Males’ Chiefs, were 'Warlock', 'Court Magus', 'Higher Priest', ‘Wizard’, 'Shaman', 'Royal Astrologer', ‘Sage’, etc., yet if and when they suddenly went missing, many kingdoms and empires succumbed.

Check that several bloody ancient practices such as 'harems' (only the chosen Male Heir and his Mother, were allowed to live, all other children and their mothers as well, were killed), 'Human-Sacrifices' (captured enemies and virgins), as they served as vivid constraining examples to a Tribe or an 'appease-to-gods-will', also practiced through burning-fires, gallows, beheads, tortures, inquisitions, etc., yet all slaughters were a common strategy to insure a 'good-living' by strictly controlling a constantly growing tribe (cohort), as to deliver an obvious 'obedience' to the 'Alpha-Male’ Family (tribe) Barbarian Chief, without arguing.

It is now clear why mostly Egyptians and Hindi 'Gods', and Chinese Astrology Signs as well, are 'animals', or a mixed 'head' & 'body', either animal or human, while some rare 'Gods' are portrayed with a perfect HUMAN BODY (Ammun-Ra, Isis and Osiris at Egyptian Pantheon & [A]Brah[m]an, Vishnu and Shiva at the Hindi one).

This rudimentary ancient 'theology', worked quite well till an expansion of human understanding thanks to a growing commerce exchange between Tribes (Nations) begun to occur, and then, all 'Gods' were reduced to only ONE and all other 'Gods' turning 'Saints' (Christian), 'Astrology Energies', 'Ascended Masters' (Buddhist and Hebrew) or simply non-existent (Islam).

Check that due a heavy camouflage, THE ONE CREATOR clearly identifies and matches a SOVEREIGN (Pharaoh, King, Emperor, Sultan, Caliph, Tirant, Chief, etc.), always backed by a COURT WIZARD (Higher Priest, Pope, Gran Rabbi, Iman, Shaman, etc.).

Note that a SOVEREIGN in Masonic terms is the W.'.M.'. and the COURT WIZARD is the Orat.'. whose energy is tightly chained to 1st Deacon.'., thus, no coincidences, they are the same pre-Neolithic energy rite positions experienced and practiced at resonant caves.

No tergiversation on KING SOLOMON’s Sublime Justice (Wisdom), whereas one can detect the oldest historic evidence of MAGIC (effects) of ACTION & REACTION 3rd EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS LAW, reported at the 'middle-cut' Newborn claimed by Two 'Mothers' (Temple Columns, South: Action, North: Re-Action) Saga, and AVALOKITESHVARA COMPASSION BUDDHA, both do refers to the very same EASTERN SOVEREIGN THRONE!

Bt reaching the 27th Portolan, which one depicts the Scientific Source underpinning all traditions, a cycle closes, thus 27 = 2 + 7 = 9 = Ø so to confirm FIBONACCI SERIES: Ø + 1 = 1, 1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 1 = 3, 3 + 2 = 5, 5 + 3 = 8, 8 + 5 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4, 13 + 8 = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3, 21 + 13 = 34 = 3 + 4 = 7, 34 + 21 = 55 = 5 + 5 = 10 = 1 + Ø = 1, 55 + 34 = 89 = 8 + 9 = 17 = 1 + 7 = 8, 89 + 55 = 144 = 1 + 4 + 4 = 9 = Ø!

Check that Number 6 (Six) does not show up at FIBONACCI SERIES and so it represents: the false, the lie, the illusory, the temporary, thus a definitive reason to highlight the HEXAGON, the SOLOMON SEAL, which identifies an ephemeral LIFE, for it's the HEAVENLY STAGE WHEREAS OUR CURRENT CHARACTER, DO MAKES PRESENCE AS TO ENABLE OUR UPPER CONSCIENCE TO ACQUIRE LIVING EVOLVING EXPERIENCE!

But there are more 'coincidences' due those rare ‘biped animals' by reaching a perception totally ignored by almost all others, an unsuspected Divine Structure thus unveiled has a basic parameter to obey: the Human Body, with all organs and it’s structure basing not only the HEBREW TREE-OF-LIFE, the KABBALAH but also EASTERN ENERGY BODY CENTERS, THE CHAKRAS.

Altogether, Astrologically speaking, Moon is Genitals Desires energy identified, Mercury Planet with Right Kidney, Venus Planet with Left Kidney, Mars Planet with Right Arm Wielding a Sword, Jupiter Planet with Left Arm Holding a Shield, Saturn Planet with Liberty or Submission and the Sun with a Heavenly Compassion Heart, venting Abraham famous words: "When I need to talk with God, I sit on my kidneys", a Planetary-Body Organs cross reference which one do also reveals that only those "BORN-ABOVE-WAIST" (Above-Kidneys), can attempt to reach individual inspiration above MUNDANE RAW EMOTIONS, DESIRES AND NEEDS, THUS AN ESSENTIALLY DIVINE BEHAVIOUR!

In time, "ABOVE-WAIST" is a ‘Scottish Rite’ Patriarchal Temple, and T.’.G.'.A.'.O.’.T.'.U.'. "WAIST", is the Patriarchal Temple Gate.

So, thanks to several SAGES and PHARAOHS mummifications, made over 4,500 years ago, it was possible to establish direct correspondences, yet when these correspondences were further confronted with FIBONACCI SERIES and GOLDEN MEANS HOLY GEOMETRY [Khufu’s King's Chamber], a ROYAL WISDOM RESONANT setup that provided us with the discovery of total Human Body sides control by each Brain opposite Hemispheres, and utmost importantly, the need to protect Brain, either with a CROWN, a BLACK HAT, a SKULLCAP, a KIPPAH, a TURBAN, etc., against DELETERIOUS MENTAL ENERGY INSET.

All live beings starting at Botanic Realm, up to Human Realm, are a Condensed Energy Vessel, as all Humans did mount a ‘saddled-horse’ (Body) that stopped at their side, yet this ‘saddled-horse’ was specific and timely selected as the only one that perfectly matched OUR CONSCIENCE SIZE, none other would otherwise fit.

Obviously, Body Energetic perfection is almost impossible to reach, due it’s difficult to find a Custom Size Conscience ‘saddled-horse’ to fit at a Birth Date with no Retrograde Planets to interfere as well, to match. As one might suspect, Retrograde Planets and Irate Gods, are direct synonymous!

As all human bodies are structurally identical, slightly differing only in DNA (race, ethnic), another utmost research to prospect real foundations to explain the outbreak of a selective 'fantastic individual inspiration', yet long time after a continuum research and deep observations, it was detected that "THOSE BORN AFTER NOON" were already "SITTING ON THEIR KIDNEYS", thus innate fit to a later “if and when accepted”, always after age 30 (1st Saturn Return to Birth Chart Position), to attend a Royal Art Court and to be entitled to achieve talk power with God.

Thus, the Cognitive Light Period, was recognised to start at ±NOON, and the Cognitive Darkness Period to start at ±MIDNIGHT, being the Darkness apex to occur between ±06:00 AM and ±NOON, in spite of a Bright Sunny Dawn, and all these time intervals do depict a slight plus or minus variation in all locations around Equator, due Earth's axis continuous tilt year around, caused by Moon's mass orbiting it.

An Astronomic fact that causes a direct and heavy energy dependence on Moon Four Phases Orbit in every Human Body if by chance Moon is Birth Chart housed in 1st or 12th House, weekly submitting their holders to behave bizarre actions or at least strange one’s as compared to balanced ‘biped animals'.

It was also detected in those early eras, that when Sun is allocated at any angle between Birth Chart 12th and 10th Houses (clockwise), those born within it would be definitively under a Moon Yoke, which also leads to bizarre or strange behaviours.

It was thus agreed over 4,500 years ago, to identify these two ‘biped-animals' types above described as "RAW STONES”, those who are 'caged' in MALKUTH (Earth) due they depend entirely on hard and suffering planetary evolving experiences acquisition, e.g., they can only be "copyists", NEVER BEHAVIOUR APT TO ATTEND A TEMPLE AS AN INNOVATIVE AND CREATIVE MONK!

This absolutely does not mean dementia, occupational detriment or intelligence reduction, behold, they can become indeed great professionals, although always by repeating something previously done, as they can never prospect a newer and better solution through a 'fantastic individual inspiration', by ‘touching’ Upper Consciousness.

And here comes A TRUE UNSUSPECTED BIG REVELATION: A PATRIARCHAL TEMPLE SERVES SOLELY FOR INNOVATION, NEVER TO REPEAT OLD VERBALIZED STRATEGIES, that's, although reporting directly to ONE GOD, the T.’.G.'.A.'.O.’.T.'.U.'. an scientific fact that only could happens when there was ONLY ONE PATRIARCHAL TEMPLE IN EVERY NATION OR BOROUGH.

But suddenly comes Gutenberg with his fantastic invention: a Moving Types Printing Press, and then the uninspired ‘biped-animals' deemed felt able to exercise any activity they wanted, yet before strictly reserved to inspired ‘biped-animals' artisans, yet it turns out merely a read and learn task, strictly 'copying', albeit extremely important to allow a fast develop of a Nation Man Power.

Some centuries later, did come newspapers, radios, TVs and repetitive propaganda debut, when UGLE ‘copyists’ decided that a PATRIARCHAL TEMPLE turned out to be a superfluous item and opened its doors to everyone, fast increasing its income and putting away a imminent bankrupt, while spreading ‘slave’ (recognised) Masonry worldwide, tugging all new members, thus allowing them to become repetitive ‘drool-biped-animals', strictly complaining about everything and everyone, as if a pseudo-elite (Lords,  surprise!) they believed to be, should definitively be spreaded through all uninitiated profanes, tsk, tsk, tsk, albeit not sensed, it happened to behave exactly as expected, due ‘blind-ones’ couldn’t realize it!

Check that how every Action debut with their pairs (Reactions), there are Notable Aspects derived from this Templar Blunder: a profane and ignorant 'mob' of ‘biped-animals', mere 'trinkets' from Unfair and Unrighteous Decisions verbalized at several pseudo Royal Courts, imagining himself autonomous in their 'growth' and 'happiness', although plucked by retrograde, repetitive and conflicting mental waves, generated in all Patriarchal Temples today, holding a false sense of brotherhood, did hit the road, but ... if whatever, someone 'blindly' do GOOD or EVIL, as both go together, exactly as King Solomon ‘middle-cut’ Newborn, when both sides were re-united again depicting REAL LIFE, or Christ & Anti-Christ, there is definitely a lot better trying to do GOOD!



So 'mutatis mutandis', even after intergalactic travels (Voyager I & II probes) and everything new today (e.g., LHC), we continue slipping in Pre-Neolithic Mind Period, still blindly groping under a cognitive 'darkness' in an arduous survival and suffered mass evolving learning, albeit superficially viewing it seems that Mankind never learns, it’s exactly when a hard learning occurs, through most used and possible ways appended to each evolving stratum, an aside neglected fact is that many ‘biped-animals' who are already "SITTING ON THEIR KIDNEYS", due pure indulgence and laziness, insists to repeat lessons already acquired.

Do quit from Deep Darkness Ignorance Bad Companies!

But only those in conditions to do so, as NAMASTE (I Revere the Divine in You) = MERKABAH (Your Body is a Chariot of Fire: Full of Cognitive Light).

Do Recall: WAR STRATEGY is a phrase that means a way to “FOOL A ENEMY” in order to win a War or a Battle, whereas MARKETING STRATEGY, means a way to make people buy what they doesn’t really need, in order to keep company sales growing.

So FOOLING THE NEXT ONE, for whatsoever reason, it’s a daily Mankind Practice, e.g., check present days internet invasion threats, the moment someone launches a new FIREWALLor ANTI-VIRUS, all ‘hackers’ start working innovatively developing a new invasion threat to explore a new data breach.

But in ROYAL ART FREEMASONRY the daily concern is to innovatively protect His Citizens against all enemies, be them internal or external, odds and misfortunes, even to those people segments not directly addressed, due resources shortage, where a plethora of anxiously requested ACTIONS MUST FOLLOW A PRIORITY SEQUENCE, therefore if by chance, after previous paragraph statement, there is NO INNOVATION, THEN CERTAINLY YOU SHALL BE FOOLED AND STOLEN, IF NOT MURDERED.

Some famous inspired phrases:

“A man to live needs but a single cave to host him, a fur coat to cover him, a fire to heat him and some meal to feed him, everything else is superfluous.”

Yet all those superfluous extras are the real foundations of Mankind development in expertise, experiences acquiring and freedom!

Big ideas come from the unconscious.

This is true in art, in science, and in advertising.

But your unconscious has to be well informed, or your idea will be irrelevant.

Stuff your conscious mind with information, and then unhook your rational thought process.

You can help this process by going for a long walk, or taking a hot bath, or drinking half a pint of claret.

Suddenly, if the telephone line from your unconscious is open, a big idea wells up within you.

    David Ogilvy

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