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Long ago, when I was but a fresh EA at Scottish Rite, I was fully impacted by everything new and their Brethren, aside I received plenty of invitations from visiting Bros to know their Lodges and Rites, as all of them argues theirs to be the best one!

While questioning MMMM from my own Lodge about it, the same statement was again raised: “Our Rite is The Best One!


As an R&D BSc Electronic Engineer, with an extensive experience in Telecomm HF/VHF/UHF Antennas and SHF Wave-Guide design, I started to visit and explore all Lodges and Rites, from all Powers, I could afford.

Obviously, I started to compare everything at each Lodge Rite: Temple Geometry, Temple Decor, Ceiling Decor, Officer’s Seats locations & their Accessories, Columns No., Circumambulation (how an Officer moves ‘clockwise’ or ‘counter-clockwise’ into each Temple sector), Ladder Steps No., Rite Opening & Closing protocols, When/How & Why an Egregore (Powerful Emotional Energy) definitely makes presence, Brethren behaviour before, during and after Service, Candles No. & Sense, aside burning behavior (if any) and where they were placed, In/Out Temple Gate(s), Body sensations, etc.

And notoriously, any collateral side effects later aroused within my big family: MY COUNTRY!

Recalling that not too far back in time, MM MM were considered ROYAL ART MASTERS, in no ways fixed mind ‘believers’ or ‘disbelievers’ as nowadays, as all actually must now ‘dig’ their falsehood ‘expertise’ elsewhere, due it’s absolutely absent at all philosophy schools 33 fake degrees, while at first glance, everything seemed to be obviously quite serious and exquisite so I decided to trace Scientific & Technology similarities if and where possible.

Then, I unexpectedly, I succeeded in retrieve Alchemy Scientific Foundations, a technology that can easily pin-point who would be a 'follower' at this full life, and few one's that can be a future 'Leader' (one that develops other 'Leaders'), after carefully inspecting Officers seats, Western Circumambulation, Lost-Steps-Room Gate, 12 Zodiac Columns, Ecliptic, etc..

As technology lay people don’t hold any inner ability probe and don't carry needed 'craft' tools as well, let’s initially put apart a ‘transmitter’ and a ‘receiver’, only focusing ‘Antennas’ and ‘Wave-Guides’, due “TOOLS-OF-THE-CRAFT” always should suffice in clear any doubt about NATURE ENERGY MIMIC EVENTS.

As everybody knows, a TV Antenna is physically quite different from a Ham-Radio/Cellular and Radar/Satellite one’s.

The former one is a ‘broad-band’ design meaning it must cover an wide frequency spectrum, the Ham-Radio/Cellular ones depict several possible irradiation patterns, some broadband, some fixed frequency and Radar/Satellite one's are focused line-of-sight high energy single frequency beam, some with vertical, others with horizontal and a few with circular polarization lobes.

All of them do have ‘impedance’ matching requirements to avoid ‘standing-waves’ that might reduce ‘Transmitter’ Power Output or even destroy it (put a metal cup/dish inside a Micro-Wave Oven and it’s Magnetron Tube ‘burns’), in Temple Terms, an initiated ‘Raw-Stone’ is a pseudo-mason, who was born between ±06:00 am and ±08:00 am, a time slot that rules ‘Mineral-Kingdom’ (Mineral: Stone, He literally ‘burns’ Lodge Brethren)!

Other similarities quickly aroused when comparing Temple Geometry with Wave-Guides, some of them, do behaves as High Energy Resonating Cavities, others are simple Microwave Energy ‘Passing-By’ Conductors and Impedance Matching, while a few are ‘Dummy-Loads’ designed to absorb all Microwave Energy as ‘Heat’ (read: Emotions) produced without ‘standing-waves’!

Thus, after a short technical superficial introduction, let’s confer how several ‘freemasonry’ Rites do compare, oh yes, I understand, provide you isn’t a ‘dummy’ brain-washed Bro.'., do proceed, otherwise you might quit here.


Early back in time, more than 4,500 years ago steadily flowing up to a Century ago, whereas a Noble Family adult birth data wasn’t an easy task to retrieve (no trusted registers), all ROYAL ART Initiates (Noble Families only) started as an E A at North Column in a Religious ‘After-The-Fall’ Mother Nature Temple, staying there for some years trying to ‘re-link’ to their ‘origins’, due it’s a kind of Temple that delivers a ‘light-energy’ heat 'load', in order to test if the prospect was a ‘Raw-Stone’ or not.


Then, if and when approved, He was ‘elevated’, as a Fellow Craft in a Religious ‘After-The-Fall’ Virgin Nature Temple, one that delivers a medium-level energy to further try in evaluating a correct Initiate ‘Cradle’ Birth-hour Entitled abilities (do you recall ‘Christ’ manger symbolic ‘birth-hour’?).


Finally, if and when approved, He was ‘Exalted’ to a Higher Priest Energy Level, actually a Christian ‘Bishop’ (Archbishop, Pope), at the Eastern Temple Sector, a M M one, whereas less than 10% of all Mankind may exhibit this Energetic possibility, in a HIGHEST POSSIBLE MIND EMOTIONAL POWER TEMPLE SETUP!

Now, you can compare all previous illustrations and check that some Powers mixes all Rite Grades into the same Temple setup (Uh?), worse yet, some mix all Lodges, Rites and their Grades into the same Temple setup, structuring stinky ‘hot-bed-slums’, while some others restricts EE AA and Fellow Craft to Religious ‘After-The-Fall’ Virgin Nature Temple (read: York, Emulation, French Modern, etc.) and MMMM are strictly addressed to Adam Kadmon Temples.

For your records:

1 - Religious ‘After-The-Fall’ Mother Nature Temple

     Adoniramite E A Degree (Middle-Ages);

     Memphis & Mizraim Sphinx Basement E A Degree Temples;

     Brazilian Rite All Degrees.

2 - Religious ‘After-The-Fall’ Virgin Nature Temple

     York Rite;

     Emulation Rite;

     French Modern Rite;

     Adoniramite Fellowcraft Degree Temples, (Middle Ages);

     Memphis & Mizraim Sphinx Basement Fellowcraft Degree Temples;

     Knights Templar’s External Order all degrees, etc.

3 – Adam Kadmon ‘Before-The-Fall’ Temples

     AASR all degrees;

     Schroeder Rite all degrees;

     Knights Templar’s Internal Order all degrees;

     Adoniramite MMMM Degree Temples (Middle Ages), etc.

     Memphis & Mizraim Sphinx Basement MMMM∴ Degree Temples;

Therefore, if by chance, and this possibility is actually solidly real, your Higher Grade Brethren ‘fooled’ you assuring nonexistent and untrue higher grades, and also they thoroughly ‘teach’ and ‘trained’ you in fully ‘corrupted’ Rites, that’s because the Power you participate is already commanded by ‘Temple Merchants’, a concern already disclosed more than 2,000 years ago, that ruined Israel as a Nation for almost 1,900 years!

So beware of all them, if by chance you aren’t a mere privileges seeker, double check your Country Conductors ‘de-railing’ cross compared with your fake Freemasonry Rites corruptions!


And this ACTION can only be made by a LODGE DREAM-TEAM, as no single individual can perform full 360º Reality Domain!

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