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The Holy Grail Defender's

If a Bro, even an 'awakened' one, remains 'accommodated' or behave 'lazy' and do not 'mount' himself his 'Saddled Horse' = his own 'Physical Body', another Energy certainly shall do!

In case a Bro  had ever been to a Spiritualism cult, or an Animism one, or even to a Mass (here the reference is hidden), etc., he may have faced and heard the oral form practiced by an 'entity' when referring to the officiating 'medium' as his 'horse', a timely ‘mounted’ ghost energy in an 'incorporation session'. Should the 'entity' change, them the 'communication' changes, but the 'horse' remains the same!

Proceeding further, if a Bro  notice the 'props' that identify an 'entity’ either as a 'God-Father', Xaman, or any religion Priest/Bishop, he could easily identify: "Headdresses, Turbans or Mithras", "Collars", "Bracelets", “Tunics”, “Skirts", etc., while back to his Patriarchal Temple, he also identifies Officers that do also hold "Headdresses”, “Turbans” or “Mithras" = "Elms" or "Hats", "Collars", "Bracelets", "Petticoats” or “Robes" = "Aprons" and "Crosiers" = "Gavel" or "Boom"!

Moreover, as emotions are the only True Egregora 'fuel' just in case it makes presence at a cult it would force all participants to shed tears of sympathy, even if 'crocodile' one’s.

This is 'Bishops', 'Pastors' and 'Priests' 'modus operandi', they worth rely in order to trigger 'telluric' Heart Cores (Egregore) by repeating 'Jesus' immense suffering nailed to the Cross, when and where at that exact moment they decide to pass along the collect ‘tithing' bag (felony, would be more semantically appropriate) to evade with the 'monthly food market money' of their poor 'gullible' flock of devotees.

Yet  ‘gullible' one’s don’t even realize that the allegorical reference is made to a psychopath G’d who kills his sole begotten Son (firstborn) instead of 'winning' the battle against 'darkness', being the 'All Almighty!'

However, note that 'Jesus' was usually depicted circulating riding a 'donkey', read: a  'gullible' flock, but do also confer who was really 'crucified', 'dead' and 'buried' was the riding 'Knight' and not the docile 'donkey', so what remains hidden is that 'Jesus' is the Council of Nicaea’s Adam Kadmon, the Sistine Chapel’s One, the Patriarchal Temple’s idem, etc., so Christ (Jesus) = Adam Kadmon = Egregore = Holy Ghost, shall always be 'SACRIFICED' at every ENLIGHTENED CULT, and if the cult is earthy-beamed (read: $$$), who would be 'EXALTED' is the BEAST, the 666!

Now, one can understand St. John Templar’s Knight 'false' title, granted to Scottish Rite Masons higher fake degrees, those who follows the (Im)Perfection School till completing 33rd (fake) Degrees: they allegedly 'mounted’ and thus ‘rides' their own 'horse'!

Although in reality there are many Brethren who steps into a Patriarchal Temple with at least one of countless 'apocalypse horsemen', superbly mounted and riding them: Ideology, Politics, Religion, Power, Greed, Pride, Radicalism, IgnoranceEmbezzlement, Felony, etc., e.g., an extensive list of selected shackles pleasantly 'choosen' and adopted!

So a Knight Templar do not accept or even adopt, any foreign concept but the FAIR AND RIGHTEOUSNESS ONE’S derived from HIS SOLE BRETHREN PATRIARCHAL TEMPLE W M∴ JUDGEMENT!

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