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 The Virgin and the Whore

One might either unlock Symbolism Keys in order to access Conscience Mind Gates and deep penetrate at the SECRET or He/She shall remain lifelong enslaved by heavy religion chains.

All Nature and the Universe, by definition, is a female gender whereas Conscience, an Out-Of-This-World Mind, the Eastern Akasha concept, is a male gender.

From this standpoint arouses the Virgin Myth delivering a Baby God, therefore Women are the sole gate to allow Gods to 'Walk at Earth'!

As we all are 'coagulated' Star Dusts, there are no demerit in being a Woman as compared to Man, as without dual polarity none reaction may occur and no Baby delivery as well.

It is a must to confer the Alchemy Essay as to better understand this crucial timely event view that affects distinctively both genders.

The Christian Holy Supper depicts a single Woman as it exactly mimes above Essay description: 11 male Zodiac Signs and a sole female Zodiac Virgo (Virgin Mary) one. Christ, the Adam Kadmon or UPPER CONSCIOUNESS ENERGY, remains out of 12 Ecliptic Zodiac Signus exactly as The Throne spotted behind it at Ezequiel view while captive (alive) at Hebar River side (Aquarius Sign)!

As all Religious Traditions 'borrows' from others Traditions their Divine Concepts, due they all come from a UNIQUE DIVINE SOURCE, therefore some 'makeup' must be performed as to not confound each other and their Clergy be ashamed if ever discovered about this embezzlement.

Thereby, as every Temple is a Nature Female Gender, with so many Temples, different Religions and several Priests, obviously Nature might be considered as the Great (Sumerian) Whore.



Nevertheless, a Single Virgo Zodiac Signus must 'copulate' with all other 11 Zodiac Signus in order to deliver 72 Babies to fully shape an Ethnie, Tribe, Nation, etc.!

This is Islam arrangement for 72 Virgins awaiting to 'copulate' with a male martyr devotee after death, at Heaven.

Or better, scientifically, one shall recall Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Physics which probes that to every Action an opposite Reaction with equal intensity happens bringing REALITY TO EMERGE ONLY BETWEEN BOTH ENERGIES AS HEAT, FRICTION AND SUFFERING!

Therefore, only at a correctly activated and conducted Temple Service can a individual detach himself from matter [telluric] Energies and truly achieve MIND UNITY [Communion]!

And always at a VIRGIN HOLY GRAIL!

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