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Portolans Cover 1

TRUE ROYAL-ART BROTHERHOOD can now appeal to "PORTOLANS", a Master’s Piece tagged by its primeval origins: NAUTICAL CHARTS produced by First Global Sailors, the intrepid Portuguese in their Caravels, aiming to guide their peers on "Never-before-Sailed-Seas" voyages, due it’s embodied with very same tenacity, aiming to guide all intrepid, skilful, apt, fearless and well equipped 'Navigator', in his eternal searches for still unknown Truths yet even more valuable Treasures.

Now the HOLY GRAIL Search has finally came to an glorious end, without pretending to repeat Robert Langdon’s Vatican invasion, nor being slaughtered as all Knights Templar’s by King of France Philip - The Beautiful armies, WOW, ordered by Clement V Pope, even the COVENANT-ARK was unearthed, since both were duly identified and recognised in ‘SCOTTISHRITE and ‘SCHROEDERRITE TEMPLES as well, actually the only two Masonic Temples bearing HOLY GOLDEN MEANS GEOMETRY PROPORTIONS (One that Fertilises all Creation Beings).

"PORTOLANS" contains a set of surprisingly TOOLS plus INSTRUCTIONS extracted from PHILO (LOVERS) SOPHIA (ALMIGHTY WISDOM), thus meeting an ever-increasing impacting LIFE requirement, incredibly repetitive, and they cannot be simply relegated to 'God-Wills', due their deep influence on YOU, YOUR FAMILY, BOROUGH, CITY, STATE AND COUNTRY, not to mention that ALL EARTH GLOBE ETHNICS SPOTTED AROUND EQUATOR, ARE ALSO JAMMED!

Of course, ROYAL-ART can only be practiced and exercised by FREE, ACCEPTED, FAIR AND RIGHTEOUS MEN, bearing NOBLE PRINCIPLES (born after LODGE HOLY WORKS rigid opening time), skilful yet with distinct qualifications ROYAL COURT MEMBERS (GOLDEN MEANS PROPORTIONS TEMPLE: 0.618 Side x 1.618 Deep x 1.0 Height), exclusively composed at its apex (3rd Degree) by BEN-UR's (SON’s-OF-LIGHT), Primeval 'PATRIARCHS' ("EXALTED" as Roman Patrice Julius Cæsar, in a Templar initiation held "ABOVE-VIRGIN-NATURE-TEMPLE-WAIST", thus 'caesarean' birth delivery term origins), absolutely demanding a noble lineage, be a pure race, be a firstborn or to have royal origins, but to own specific energetic characteristics gained at His birth first breath and 'coagulated' in Physical 'consciousness', therefore after recognising this ENERGETIC GATE, it might be applied to all who earlier crossed it, whether as a questioner, researcher, seeker or scholar with an amply open mind, and more important, no fixed ideas neither fixed habits, due here its unveiled the ONION CORE, the ENERGY ROOT that gave birth to ONION PETALS: ALL CREATED ETHNIC RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS!

"PORTOLANS" is a 90-page Hard Cover Book whose PDF file has more than 75 GB, thus impossible to send by e-mail, it includes all original 27 PORTOLANS Tracing-Boards images with deep wide detailing texts, 3.3 Pound (1,500 grs.) pack weight, A3 format: ±16.5 in x ±11.7 in (±42,0 cm x ±29,7 cm), 4 x 4 Colours print on 150 grs. coated paper, and each buyer request will receive a honoring purchaser hand written Name dedicatory, signed by the author, with a 10 days delivery time, needed to print, pack and ship via EMS-International with insurance and freight included.



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