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In short it means: The Upper Consciousness can only be 'grasped' inside a correctly activated (read: Consecrated, non corrupted, not misguided, not misused, not misinterpreted or even not mishandled) Patriarchal Temple Rite.

By no means Upper Consciousness can be 'accessed' merely by a deep and extensive yet individual intellectual activity, exclusively because it relates with past events, no newer one's at all!

Thus, besides a needed formal reading, these Essays provides a unusual, surprising and yet unsuspected view angles, e.g., as a 'handy' roadmap guide to show exactly what to prospect, among all that is truly available at a particular yet Ecliptic narrow 5 degrees personal MIND window 'Landscape' view, due everyone carries an individually distorted, scratched and shortsighted 'lens' view of the WHOLE ABSOLUTE e.g., as a raw example, most people seems to look for fishes 'hanged' at 'trees' and fruits 'swimming' at 'rocks'!

This deforming mind state is conveniently performed at religions teachings and holy tales, whereas their main important task is to nurture their devotees how each one should behave, in order to smoothly accomplish evolution tasks due LIFE IS SOMEHOW HARSH AND TRICKY!

YET WONDERFUL! Do always recall Santa Claus legend reasoning, most of us are "children-souls-wearing-an-adult-body", and children are used to exchange good behaviour for lollipops/gifts!

As all Symbols, Allegories, Metaphors, Sagas and Teachings are truly DIVINE UPPER CONSCIOUSNESS UNLOCKING KEYS, providing you do not know how to correctly decipher it, albeit innate enabled by an ALCHEMY reaction, then you shall be 'barred' by SOLID STONE MIND WALLS in all your quests (read: Jericho 'Walls') and remain a gullible follower.

Perhaps, with some luck, a responsible and 'awaken' religious priest/rav/iman/rimpoche/xaman, might be within your reach!

To enforce Jericho 'Walls', the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite 33 Degrees is a mere evangelical (im)perfection school based on previous 'Temple Merchants' that were early allowed to enrol at it and therefore cannot be trusted anymore!

So in order to free all 'awakened' Brethren from being choked by plenty of Thorns surrounding them (read: Gullible Brethren and their synonym: 'Crown of Thorns' as well), all these Essays were written.

All of them do come at a cost, a lot more accessible than those premium prices paid for an extensive forgery you've got to early trust, be it at Freemasonry or at Templar's Knights, just to remember that mind enlightening first steps comes with forgery and embezzlement, while here we shall provide you the most respected TOOLS FOR TRUE MASTERY OF LIFE!

Unless, obviously, should you be an innate 'veiled-mind' gullible thus so deserves an external priest life 'conductor'!

Therefore, we are not to be followed or trusted in anyway, as we could not describe all Creation Landscapes viewing angles, thus we merely provide MIND ENLIGHTENING TOOLS that you must probe exactly as at GENESIS REPORT: "When The Creator did Create something He didn't like, He immediately 'abandoned' it, whereas when He liked what He Created, them He 'repeated' it!"


Ot Manu

One of OTM Responsible Fair and Righteous Masters

All Essays are e-mail delivered after PayPal counter pass encrypted with buyer's e-mail address.

Available Essays are link shown bellow:

1st Scroll: Depicts full ARK content, the Creation Structure we dwell into, embodying Minerals, Plants, Animals and Mankind. It is the starting one out of 24 Scrolls set that composes the Western Tradition Wisdom course, the Kabbalah.

Calends: Gives some hints of how Life do spread cyclically back & forth, up & down, through a full year elapsing and also through Universe.

Exodus: Introduction to some hermetic concepts that rules all Creation throughly evolutive ladder steps.

Illusion-Maya: Do reveals how we can be 'fooled' by our senses and continuous religions teachings.

Know-Thyself: A Ancient Greek Philosopher milestone definitively unveiled.

Maktub: A single page Essay that clear some heavy misunderstanding about Mankind (mis) Behaviors.

Numbers & Geometries: A clear and concise presentation of how Numbers and Geometries do rules our (un)known Universe.

The Emerald Tablet: A remarkable Greek God Hermes tentative in conciliating both Christian (read: Egyptian) and Hebrew Traditions.

TzimTzum: A Hebrew symbolic Big-Bang presentation also related to Creator Seed Energy 'deep-deployed' inside Universe.

The Seven Liberal Arts: A clever presentation related to Philosophers Ingenuity as to circumvent religions middle-age persecutions.

The Holy Temple: Reveals how a Female Universe is crucial to deliver a 'Baby God', yet also how to retrieve 'Full God' as well.

The Great Hierarchy: Depicts a Person, Family, Corporation, Armed Forces, Government and all Mankind hidden energetic structures.

Templar Rites: Reveals how the Three Temples Singular Energies reacts within Mankind Several Bodies and Psyche levels.

The AASR Temple and Alchemy: The AASR Temple is a Patriarchal Energy Temple and requires a full 'awakened' Brethren.

The AASR Temple and Astrology: How all Universe Energies does make presence at a Patriarchal Temple Rite.

The AASR Temple and Leonardo Da Vinci: From where did come all Patriarchal Freemasonry Temple Degree Identification Signals.

The Royal Art - AASR Initiates Clearing: How to avoid a wrongdoing in profane selection, an initiate to be accepted at a Patriarchal Temple.

Freemasonry Lost Pearls: How Universe Energy, Body & Temple embedded, do flow amidst Officers Temple circumambulation.

Overthrowing Temple Columns: How present days Patriarchal 'temple merchants' do desecrate the Sublime Royal Art.

AASR Integrity Loss: How nowadays Patriarchal Temple Rites are being continuously corrupted by good-will 'temple merchants'.

Landmarks Comments: A required yet unsuspected view about ROYAL ART LANDMARKS.

Royal Art - The Cutting Edge I: A first inspection of Patriarchal Temple Rite 'wrongdoings', corruptions and misbehaving.

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